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Title: For Sale: Games, computer parts + more
Post by: david656 on July 25, 2010, 06:03:09 PM

At the moment i'm trying to regain some money to buy a new toy  ;D so unfortunately have to sell as much of my stuff as possible.

I have attached, at present a small list of games in PDF format. i will make the list bigger later tonight and am open to offers for 1 game or lots!

Also I may be forced to sell my beloved MAME arcade machine, Touchscreen Jukebox and possibly my Pinball Machine too, photo's will also be added soon.

edit: Nearly all the master system games and mega drive games are boxed and complete with instructions. if anyone is interested in anything please let me know

New list 'games 2'

Computer Parts are PCI graphics cards, sound cards. ISA cards... all pulled from 95/98 machines.