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Title: Review: SD2SNES
Post by: porchy on May 31, 2012, 08:57:04 PM
This came yesterday but not had a really good play around with it but here is what Ive got so far.

Don't have a case for this thing yet but got a game from eBay for 99p so that will be its donor.
There is a USB port on the card but apparently it is not used at this time.

After downloading the firmware from the SD2SNES website and copying some random roms to the SD card I was up and running.
All the firmware runs from the SD card, there is no ROM on this device.

Very easy to use menu, nothing much really to do other than set the time and date if you want to. Select your ROM and away you go

I initially had a bit of trouble running certain games, Mario Kart was one of them. To run the different DSP games you need to download the DSP binaries that are used with certain emulators and place them in the SD2SNES folder on the SD. After this everything ran perfectly.

Couldn't resist trying a few PD roms

I havent tried it yet but I dont think SuperFX games like Star Fox are currently working but everything ive tried has worked.
It does auto region switching so all region games are supported. If you have the Super CIC mod done then it will also automatically switch between 50/60hz

So far im very happy with it. Its a bit pricey though so its may not be worth it for a lot of people. I personally love the SNES and think I will be able to justify to myself the high price tag.
Title: Re: Review: SD2SNES
Post by: AndyRCM on May 31, 2012, 09:46:08 PM
Nice work Jon - looks like we NEED one of those now . . . very impressive! :) A