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Title: RCM's LATE Birthday Party . . .
Post by: AndyRCM on August 09, 2013, 04:57:05 PM
Due to my incompetence (and being very busy and being on Holiday - sorry!) I have forgotten to announce that the Retro Computer Museum is having a party on Saturday 17th August - from 11.00am onwards . . . we will have Simon's VR machine there for the day too!

Tickets are VERY limited - if you interested in coming along please PM me and I can give you further details.



Andy Spencer
Max Hall
Jackie Mason
Simon Marston
James Rawlins
Sophie Ann Fretter
Jo Bishop
Karl Pantling-James
Dan Williams
Richard Gellman
Simon Hardy (flying visit)

If everybody could pay the entry fee of £10 (or more obviously) on the day that would be great.

Title: Re: RCM's LATE Birthday Party . . .
Post by: Panther on August 11, 2013, 11:09:14 AM
Oh Bugger.

Thought I could make a few hours of this but then realised I promised the wife I would help out in her cafe as her business partner is away on holiday, and then my son is playing in a local music festival later in the day !!

 :( >:( :-\ :'(