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Title: New Member :- Hello
Post by: meppso on May 09, 2016, 11:33:33 PM
Hi There,

I have just joined this forum and enjoying it so far. I discovered the forum after searching on Google for vintage computing.

I have a keen interest in old retro computing especially from the 1980s. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum +3 128K. I also had an Olivetti ETV 250 word processing machine, I think this was from 1982. I bought a SNES in 1992 with two hand controllers and I also had a an Olivetti ETV 4000 word processor with hand held black and white scanner. I seem to remember it running windows 3.0.

Since I left school and started work I have discovered a real keen interest in Industrial computing especially Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers.  The family of PLCs I am interested in is know as Simatic S5. I have a few "Vintage" programmers for them which I would like to share information with you all.

Best Regards,

Title: Re: New Member :- Hello
Post by: AndyRCM on May 10, 2016, 08:43:32 AM
Welcome to the forums Andrew. I hope you enjoy your time on here.