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well not slagging the wii off. as i own one. i wish we had more shoot em ups. i know we the conduit coming which i am amazed at. but the wii does need a few adult shooters. i liked COD world at war.

no i am a beat em up o holic. i love them. and i miss Tekken and soul blade. on my old ps1. Well would be nice to see a decent beat em up.

But i have just got Castlevania Judgment. thats a good effort. and well polished. so now we 2 decent beat em ups. with soul caliber.
Its ironic the gamecube version of Soul Caliber 2 is actuall better than the wii version. so i would like to get the cube version to play.

well with the wii 2 coming out next year(hopefully) as predicted. we will see what nintendo can make.

If they could produce something like a ps3 for the graphics with the wii remote. that would be awesome.

CODING AREA / Re: Another Demo I Have Coded . . .
« on: June 28, 2009, 09:56:47 PM »
i think demo coding is awesome. i like to see them on the pc. and the old amiga demos on youtube. they are soo cool to watch. my mate codes stuff, and posted stuff on youtube.

so all the best please post your demos i would love to see them.


OFF TOPIC / Re: Virus . . .
« on: June 28, 2009, 09:54:59 PM »
i am sorry to hear your problems. with the virus. sadly this is all the time happening. i would strongly recommend go and buy. an antivirus program.

like norton or bitdefender. sadly AVG is sooo crap now and the hackers know this. i am just testing a new security program called IOBIT 360 its malware and spyware and its found stuff, my bought program dont detect.

so i would look for online scanners from the big companies and try some of the freeware but i would steer away from AVG. its had its time of being the best.

if you go on you can find a free firewall and antivirus, and antispyware.
also try they do a complete internet security suite and all are much better than AVG buy miles.

stay safe mate

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