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well not slagging the wii off. as i own one. i wish we had more shoot em ups. i know we the conduit coming which i am amazed at. but the wii does need a few adult shooters. i liked COD world at war.

no i am a beat em up o holic. i love them. and i miss Tekken and soul blade. on my old ps1. Well would be nice to see a decent beat em up.

But i have just got Castlevania Judgment. thats a good effort. and well polished. so now we 2 decent beat em ups. with soul caliber.
Its ironic the gamecube version of Soul Caliber 2 is actuall better than the wii version. so i would like to get the cube version to play.

well with the wii 2 coming out next year(hopefully) as predicted. we will see what nintendo can make.

If they could produce something like a ps3 for the graphics with the wii remote. that would be awesome.

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