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FOR SALE / WANTED / Wanted: 8mb memory upgrade for Amiga 1200
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:47:35 PM »
As the title says really.  I've got an unexpanded A1200 with a new CF card hard drive full of WHDLoad games but most of them wont work due to lack of memory.

Does anyone have something have an upgrade or accelerator card they want to sell which will enable me to play all the games?


CODING AREA / My First Free Basic program
« on: September 24, 2011, 12:53:25 PM »
Ok, so I've stolen a lot of code from an online demo/tutorial  ;D but I'm quite pleased that I've finally gotten something(s) on screen and moving around.

#include ""
Using FB ' namespace

Dim ip As Integer Ptr
Dim iq As Integer Ptr
Dim ir As Integer Ptr
Dim is1 As Integer Ptr
Dim it As Integer Ptr
Dim As Integer i, j, i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, j1, j2, j3, j4, j5, k, temp
Dim As Double h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5
Dim As Integer xres, yres

xres = 1920
yres = 1080

ScreenRes xres, yres, 32, 4, GFX_FULLSCREEN, 60
'simple sprite
For i=0 To 255: For j=0 To 255:PSet ip, (i,j), (i*4) Xor (j*4):Next j,i
For i=0 To 255: For j=0 To 255:PSet iq, (i,j), (100*(i*4)) Xor (100*(j*4)):Next j,i
For i=0 To 255: For j=0 To 255:PSet ir, (i,j), (200*(i*4)) Xor (200*(j*4)):Next j,i
For i=0 To 255: For j=0 To 255:PSet is1, (i,j), (300*(i*4)) Xor (300*(j*4)):Next j,i
For i=0 To 255: For j=0 To 255:PSet it, (i,j), (400*(i*4)) Xor (400*(j*4)):Next j,i
Line (40,40)-(xres-40,yres-40), rgb(100,200,300), bf
View  (50,50)-(xres-50,yres-50)
'move sprite
h1 = 3*rnd:h2 = 3*rnd:h3 = 3*rnd:h4 = 3*rnd:h5 = 3*rnd
v1 = 3*rnd:v2 = 3*rnd:v3 = 3*rnd:v4 = 3*rnd:v5 = 3*rnd
  Cls 1
    i1=h1*(200*Sin(k*.02)+(xres/3)):  j1=v1*(200* Sin(k*.027)+(yres/3))
    i2=h2*(200*Sin(k*.02)+(xres/3)):  j2=v2*(200* Sin(k*.027)+(yres/3))
    i3=h3*(200*Sin(k*.02)+(xres/3)):  j3=v3*(200* Sin(k*.027)+(yres/3))
    i4=h4*(200*Sin(k*.02)+(xres/3)):  j4=v4*(200* Sin(k*.027)+(yres/3))
    i5=h5*(200*Sin(k*.02)+(xres/3)):  j5=v5*(200* Sin(k*.027)+(yres/3))
    Put (i1,j1),ip ,PSet
    Put (i2,j2),iq ,PSet
    Put (i3,j3),ir ,PSet
    Put (i4,j4),is1 ,PSet
    Put (i5,j5),it ,PSet
Loop Until Len(Inkey)

One question: why would you use any other graphics library other than the standard ones?  Speed?  Flexibility?  ???


Hi all.

Nice to meet some of you today at the members event.
Good talking to you about the FreeBasic stuff Andy. Looking forward to having a bit of a play with that once I get some time.

Mike, thanks for showing us the lowdown on the Atari 800XL: have already been checking eBay for prices.

So anyway, thanks again. John and I had a really good time.


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