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FOR SALE / WANTED / Wanted: Sega magazines...
« on: June 07, 2009, 06:33:33 PM »
Hi guys,

Right, as some of you know I'm into collecting old Sega magazines. I'm doing quite well so far (582 unique issues down, 70-odd to go!), but the following issues are proving to be very elusive:

Sega Power: 29,30
Sega Pro: 7,11,12,17,30,47,48,49,51,53,54,58+
Sega Force: 10
Mega-Tech: 35-40
Mega Drive Advanced Gaming: 25,28,29,31+
MEGA: 32+
Sega Zone: 1,2,4,6,11,14-19,22,23
Sega XS: 1,18,19,21+
Mega Action: 8,10
Mega Power: 5,7,8,16,20+
Sega Master Force: 1,3,6
Mega Machines: 1-5
Sega Pro CD: 42,45,46,50
Saturn+: 1-5
Total Saturn: 1-10
Dreamcast Magazine: 16
Dreamcast Monthly: 3,9,14
Dreamcast Solutions: 3,5-9
DC-Tips: 2,3

One of the problems with collecting old magazines is that there isn't a definitive list of what's out there (so, in the above list, I've used a "+" sign to indicate that there might be further issues, but I've yet to confirm that they actually exist).

Anyway, if you have any of the above magazines and you'd be willing to part with them in exchange for some cash then please get in touch. I'm also happy to trade some of my duplicate issues for anything on that list (I have nearly 300 duplicate Sega magazines), so if you fancy doing a swap then that's great, too. :)


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