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COLLECTORS CORNER / Felicemaggie's collection
« on: April 28, 2012, 03:22:11 PM »
Atari Falcon x3 - 1 with ct60, 1 non-working (that has been promised to RCM)
Atari 520 STFM (with 2.5mb RAM)
Atari Mega STe4 (with Ultrasatan hard disc)
Amiga 1200 (basic configuration, planning to add internal CF card in due course)
Sony PS3
Sony PS2
Amstrad CPC6128 with colour monitor
Sinclair Spectrum

Nintendo DS Lite (with the useful R4 cartridge)
Sony PSP

Apple Mac Mini
Apple Macbook Pro
Sony Vaio laptop
Compaq laptop

Various incomplete laptops that require memory, hard drive & power adaptor, but are working

« on: February 20, 2011, 08:47:29 PM »
Has anyone got a spare Amiga 1200 going cheapish ?

Please let me know. May consider monitors and other hardware with it too.



(and before anyone moans - the word 'Wills' is nothing to do with Prince William, though I am personally pleased to hear of his recent engagement & look forward to watching their wedding on TV as and when it comes to pass)

But seriously ....

Life takes many twists and turns & one of the things I've been meaning to do for a number of years is to set up a Will, mainly to decide where my collection of retro and current computer hardware will end up when I'm no longer on this earth. I have had some ideas to name the RCM as being one organisation who I'd be happy to inherit what is left of my kit after my wife & best man have taken their share. Interestingly enough, my wife has been closer to AndyT so I'd probably have to make the proviso that RCM and the Centre for Computing History can agree on what to keep (hopefully without any fights :) ).

I'm also curious as to what plans, if any, have been made for the future of RCM for when the owners/organisers of the museum themselves (and this also applies to AndyT as well) are also no longer on this earth. I personally would hate if if the entire kit owned by both organisations, was to be binned; particularly after having been stored and cared for lovingly over the intervening years.

I'm wondering whether the kit itself would either end up at Bletchley Park at the end of things - obviously hoping that the National Museum of Computing would still be in existence even long after the current management have passed on - or even, particularly in RCM's case, considering RCM should have their own building by then, whether it would be managed by TNMOC as a result ?

I hope this can start some kind of a debate. If it is in the wrong part of the forum, please feel free to move it to an acceptable area.

GAMING . . . / Jagfest X - Retro Revival
« on: July 18, 2010, 10:08:20 AM »

There is going to be another Jagfest event held - at the Thistle Hotel, St Albans, on the weekend of 24th - 26th September.

Hope to see some of you from RCM there if possible.

More details can be found here -

There's usually a good crowd there most years and Nick Harlow is there with his sales table, so there are possibilities for picking up Jaguar consoles, associated bits for the Atari. Nick also supplies PC-related bits too but anyone wanting those will need to contact him first.



Written by my wife:-

If it's in the wrong area for links, please feel free to move this post to the correct place.



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