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On Saturday the 21st April at the RCM HQ in Leicester
A day of gaming . . . with friends . . . with drinks . . . with food!
Doors open: 10.30 and close around 10.30pm
Food served all day - Bar open at 2.00pm
Tickets only £10
(available now from our home page)

Food / Bar / Gaming / Friends / DJ / Videos

 1- Karl Pantling-James
 2- Darren Coles
 3- Traci Law
 4- Sunny Hollis
 5- Andy Spencer
 6- Simon Marston
 7- Charis Smith
 8- A.N.Other (Charis Smith)
 9- Adam Davies
10-David Mottram
11-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
12-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
13-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
14-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
23-Michael Collins
24-Rebecca Gellman
25-Gaz Audley
26-Del Glover
27-Wayne Bradshaw
28-Lee Hearne
29-Duncan Woodward
30-Figen Gungor
31-Marcus Catanzaro
32-Mat Woodcock
33-Rebecca Spencer
34-Sharon Spencer
35-Cameron Bill
36-Kaitlin Spencer
37-Linda Spencer
38-Jim Bagley
39-Sophie Fretter
40-Dean Payne
41-Ross Turville
42-Paul Davies
43-A.N.Other (Paul Davies)
44-Benjamin Hearne
45-Andy Rea
46-Tabatha Spencer
47-Gareth Turland
48-A.N.Other (Gareth Turland)
49-A.N.Other (Gareth Turland)
50-Dave East
51-John O'Neill
52-Jack O'Neill
53-Robbie O'Neill

FOR SALE / WANTED / FOR SALE - Portable Mega Drive Handhelds
« on: October 26, 2017, 06:40:00 PM »
For sale by the RCM . . . we have some of these in the RCM Shop. )

GAMING EVENTS - OPEN DAYS 2017 / Pre-Christmas 'Christmas Event'
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:24:58 PM »
Christmas is coming early this year - a month early to be exact!

On Saturday the 25th November
The Retro Computer Museum in association with The Retro Hour Podcast
A fantastic RETRO treat with a very special guest - TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY

A seasonal treat for everybody at the RCM HQ in Leicester
Doors open: 10.30am and close around 10.30pm
Entry is only £10 per person (available now from our home page - click on the poster on the right hand side
Food / Bar / Gaming / Friends / DJ / Videos

The Retro Computer Museum, and Commo-Con
are proud to present
Digital Music Festival
‘Chiptunes’ with everything!
A celebration of 8-bit game music, remixes and demos
on the 30th September 2017

A musical treat for everybody at the RCM HQ in Leicester
Doors open: 10.30am and close around 10.30pm
Tickets only £10 (available now from our home page)
Food / Bar / Music / Gaming / Friends / DJ / Video
featuring exclusive Kickstarter previews by
Musicians / Coders / Graphic Artists and MUCH more!

Unit A, Troon Way Business Centre,
Humberstone Lane, Leicester LE4 9HA
Telephone: 07519 816 283

Join us all on Saturday 6th May at the Retro Computer Museum for our post-Easter retro gaming event

Doors open at 10.30am - Food served from 11.00am - Bar available from 2.00pm - All day DJ  + Live Music from 6.00pm - Doors close around 9.30pm (all times subject to change on the day).

Ticket prices - £6.50 for adults, £3.50 for children up until Thursday 4th May. Then ONLY available on the day at £7.50 for adults and £4.00 for children - although maximum numbers will apply - first come - first served.

(Food and drink not included in ticket price)

You can purchase tickets by visiting our homepage where instructions are shown to make a donation via our 'my Donate' logo.

 1 - Jackie Mason
 2 - Max Hall
 3 - Paul Mason
 4 - Andy Spencer
 5 - Linda Spencer
 6 - Rebecca Spencer
 7 - Kaitlin Spencer
 8 - Sharon Spencer
 9 - Lorna Thompson
10 - Gary Coupe
11 - David Cooper
12 - Diane Cooper
13 - Simon Marston
14 - Johnnathan Taylor
15 - Johnnathan Taylor
16 - Darren Coles
17 - Traci Law
18 - Mike Mee
19 - Eleanor Nuttall
20 - Liam Fretwell
21 - Jim Bagley
22 - Steven Granger
23 - Simon Marston (yes there are two of them !!!)
24 - Kyle Sibson
25 - Dean Payne
26 - Esther Leslie
27 - Esther Leslie (adult)
28 - Esther Leslie (child)
29 - Esther Leslie (child)
30 - Tabatha Spencer
31 - Paul Hesford
32 - Paul Hesford
33 - Stuart Williams
34 - Mr Doyle
35 - Master Doyle
36 - Donato Piccinno
37 - Dan Blackwater
38 - Lee Hearne
39 - Lee Hearne
40 - Colin Spencer
41 - Mark Croft
42 - Cameron Bill
43 - Karl Pantling-James

« on: January 09, 2017, 05:46:57 PM »
Hello everybody . . . just to let you know that from NEXT Sunday (15th January) we are launching our Loyalty Cards.
For each ticket you purchase you will receive a sticker to put onto your card. Once you have six stickers you can then use this card to gain entry on your next visit - your seventh visit is FREE!

i.e. A family of four will get four stickers on entry, the next time they visit (again if all four people buy tickets) they will receive four more stickers. This will fill one card and start your next one. On your next visit after that you can use the full card to gain one free entry. For this free entry you will not receive a sticker. Remember you need six stickers to fill the card - you can then use the card to gain entry for one person on your next visit - you will hand in your old card as payment. You will then receive a new card on your next paid visit. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. E&EO.

See you ALL very soon.

The RCM team.

There is an extremely lovely speccy on ebay currently that has a great history . . . it is being sold by one of our members on here. His name is Andy (not me).

Story here:-

Listing here:-

I thought you would all like to know about this. A special mention also must go to Alex and Ian from mutant caterpillar (, who carried out all the refurbishments and repair.

Cheers. Andy.

PS - 10% of the final selling amount comes to the Retro Computer Museum. :)


Join us on Saturday 26th November
at the Retro Computer Museum
for our Pre-Christmas retro gaming event

Doors open at 10.00am
Food available from 10.30am
Bar available from 2.00pm
Live Music from 6.00pm
Doors close around 9.30pm

Tickets available from the home page on on our website
£6.50 for adults, £3.50 for children
(You can pay more if you want to :) )

(Food and drink not included in ticket price)

A seasonal movie will also be shown throughout the day. Details tbc.

Why not come along and celebrate the Christmas Spirit with us?

Pre-Christmas Event Attendees
  1 - Dave East
  2 - Anna Backstrom
  3 - Andy Spencer
  4 - Max Hall
  5 - James Girdwood
  6 - James Girdwood    (A.N.Other Adult)
  7 - Pauline Girdwood
  8 - Pauline Girdwood (A.N.Other Adult)
  9 - James Girdwood    (A.N.Other Child)
10 - James Girdwood    (A.N.Other Child)
11 - Pauline Girdwood (A.N.Other Child)
12 - Pauline Girdwood (A.N.Other Child)
13 - James Rawlins
14 - Rebecca Spencer
15 - Mat Woodcock
16 - Jackie Mason
17 - Paul Mason
18 - Jon Tandy
19 - Steven Watson
20 - Simon Marston
21 - Lee Hearne
22 - Duncan Woodward
23 - Jason Winn
24 - Jason Winn  (A.N.Other Adult)
25 - Jason Winn  (A.N.Other Adult)
26 - Jason Winn  (A.N.Other Adult)
27 - Jason Winn  (A.N.Other Adult)
28 - Mark Hedges
29 - Harry Hedges
30 - Cameron Freakley
31 - Cameron Freakley (A.N.Other Adult)
32 - Stephen Granger
33 - Dan Blackwater
34 - Stuart Shaw ( Not longer attending :( )
35 - David Cooper
36 - Gary Coupe
37 - Diane Cooper
38 - Linda Spencer
39 - Ross Turville
40 - Sophie Fretter
41 - Steven Allsopp
42 - Rebecca Gellman
43 - Adrian Killens
44 - Adrian Killens (A.N.Other Adult)
45 - Ben Jones
46 - Daniel Tootill
47 - Roger Webb
48 - Roger Webb (A.N.Other Adult)
49 - Roger Webb (A.N.Other Adult)
50 - Roger Webb (A.N.Other Adult)
51 - Roger Webb (A.N.Other Adult)
52 - Roger Webb (A.N.Other Adult)
53 - Roger Webb (A.N.Other Adult)
54 - Paul Hesford
55 - Paul Hesford (A.N.Other Adult)
56 - Mike James
57 - Liam Fretwell
58 - Liam Fretwell (A.N.Other Adult)
59 - Dean Payne
60 - Marie Payne
61 - Sharon Spencer
62 - Darren Clarke
63 - Cameron Spencer
64 - Colin Spencer
65 - Ben Cooper
66 - David Cooper (A.N.Other Adult)
67 - Dave Yates
68 - Jim Bagley
69 - Paul Little
70 - Kieren Hawken
71 - Kieren Hawken (A.N.Other Adult)
72 - Adam Keating
73 - Alex Tunkin Jones
74 - Lucy Anders
75 - Darren Coles
76 - Darren Coles (A.N.Other Adult)

Our next movie night is on Wednesday the 5th October and the movie will be 'The Lost Boys'.
Doors open 6.30pm - movie starts at 7.30pm prompt. Refreshments are available to buy in our shop.

There is a maximum amount of 50 places available for this event. Entrance is via a donation of £5 or more (please add gift aid if you can too) to the museum that can ONLY be done here:-

Payment online can only be made until the 3rd October or until all places have gone - tickets that are currently available is shown below.

After that date please check back here to see if any tickets are available - places currently available for this is 37.

RCM Admins.

15th October, The Underworld in London (Camden), Doors 6pm.

The Last Ninja Concert you're likely to see: a true one-off!

A two-hour set of the best tunes from Last Ninja 1, 2 and 3 performed live for Blu-Ray by the amazing FastLoaders for the one and only time.

Hosted at the world famous Underworld club in London on October 15th with amazing rock acoustics, see Ben Daglish perform and meet and greet the composers and band upstairs in the pub afterwards!

Don't miss it, with our exclusive RCM 35% discount voucher "RCMNINJA" (enter at checkout) at the below website.

Also: exclusive merchandise and discounts at the live shop.

PS - Please let us know here if you are going! :)

GAMING EVENTS - OPEN DAYS 2016 / Our FIRST Movie Evening for 2016
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:48:07 PM »
Our first Movie evening will be on the 7th September 2016 - Doors open from 6.30pm - movie starts at 7.30pm prompt.

Admittance for this is our normal entrance fee of £6.50 if paid on the door (£5.00 if paid in advance) - please note this is an adults only event due to the nature of the movies being shown. However we will be showing other movies throughout the year for children too.

The first one being . . . Shaun of the Dead.

You can pay on the door (£6.50) or pay via our myDonate (£5.00) page here . . .

No dates for these as yet - just a heads up - please vote on your favourites. :)

For the adult ONLY showings - the RCM will allow you to bring your own alcohol in the building - but please keep it sensible. Any problems/issues you will be asked to leave.

Anybody fancy another weekender at the museum (25th - 26th June from 10.00am to 8.30pm ish) - this time we will also be showing MOVIES on our new LED projector.

STAR WARS movies to be exact! If you would like to come along and join us in 'trying' to watch ALL seven movies (over two days) - this is the time and place to do it.

Entrance is £6.50 for adults and £3.50 children - this is PER DAY and includes gaming and the movies too. Spaces are limited so book your place now. Payment secures your ticket allocation. First come - first served. Refreshments (at reasonable prices) will be available all day - popcorn too! ;)

Payment is via the Virgin Money Giving button on the home page of the RCM website. Please do state how many tickets you require and what day(s) you want.

If you have any questions or want further information please PM me on here (or on facebook).


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