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« on: August 20, 2015, 06:06:49 PM »
Hi All, I'm Steve from North Devon England UK

My Computer History:
ZX81 as a kit build - Saved up for a long time - Amstrad CPC 464 - Amiga 500 - Amiga 1200 - Amiga 4000 - Lots of PC's

My Vintage Computer Collection (from memory because I've not made a list :))
ZX80 - 2x ZX81 - 2x rubber keyed Spectrum's - lots of different newer Spectrum's including the one's Amstrad made - Sinclair QL
Amstrad CPC464 with colour monitor - Amstrad CPC6128
2x VIC 16 - Commodore 64 - a newer Commodore 64 (lighter colour) - Amiga 500 - Amiga 600 - Amiga 1200
Atari ST - Toshiba HX-10 MSX - Oric 1 (I need help getting the keyboard working) - Atari 800 (I Think) - Dragon 32 - some others, I must write a list :)

Hi All

I just purchased an Oric 1 48K to add to my collection of vintage computers.
It didn't come with a power supply but I found a 9V 1A supply that fitted that came with an old broadband router (maybe it's not smoothed enough and is what is causing the problem).
I connected up to a TV and I get the  Oric screen showing "ORIC EXTENDED BASIC V1.0  47870 BYTES FREE   Ready" and a flashing cursor but when I type I get nothing.
I've already taken it apart and pressed in the socketed chips and checked the pins from the motherboard to the keyboard.
Has anyone any suggestions of what I could try next?

Thanks for looking ;)

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