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« on: February 04, 2018, 10:06:29 PM »
How do everyone.

I don't even know how I found the RCM - I'm local, live near Coalville, but try and hunt out weird and wonderful museums that are a little off the beaten track. Ask me sometime about the Coffin Works in Birmingham.

Anyway, I digress. I'm an Amiga nerd through and through - cut me in half, and you'll get a red and white checkerboard. Started with an A500, got an Action Replay which remains one of the best peripherals I've ever had. Then an A1200 which eventually made it into a DIY tower (the first in the UK), with an AteoBus, graphics card, 68060+PowerPC card, SCSI.... and in a startling move, sold it for a pittance when prices were at their lowest around 2001. We don't talk about the total monetary loss on that! Spent a while writing for an Amiga website, visiting shows and begging for stuff to review.

I like hardware, currently got a small collection of stuff - Gamecube, A500, Master System 2 (a late one with Sonic), Mega Drive, Speccy +2A. Am absolutely desperate to get a bit more Amiga stuff, I'd love a CD32 or a CDTV and I really need an A1200 back.

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