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Well back in the day, way back in the day actually, I was a kid of about 14 and got a Colour Genie for Christmas, woohoo what could be better? Well, um, it could've had some decent software (my best friend had Elite on a BBC Micro, how could I compete with that?).

So, apart form those guys at Algray (remember them?) all I could do to solve this problem was to write my own software.  This I did and some of it got published in Chewing Gum, the Colour Genie User Group magazine.

Stupidly I threw out all my original copies of this magazine when moving house (sadly along with my Colour Genie) but now I am after copies of this old publication. Now 40, I would love to find copies of this user mag with my articles in them from about 25 years ago.

If anyone has any Chewing Gum magazines I will buy them up and pay extra for any with articles by Matthew King in them! Also, if you remember this mag or were involved in the user group please let me know. :)



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