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Hi all,

Usually a bit of a lurker and don't post much but thought I'd say hello.

My names Ant and I have run Retrogear UK ( since it started way back in 1999, and also blog at when time allows.

I saw RCM on Twitter and followed links here, interesting idea and I'm sure I will be able to contribute some hardware in the near future.

I'm a massive Sinclair collector (not fat, just got a lot of stuff...) a small amount of which can be seen here:

I started programming on a ZX81 back in '81 and gaming in arcades back in the 70's sometime on stuff like Pong, Boot Hill and Asteroids. Never stopped since and I've probably owned nearly every console made at some time or other (excepting some clones). Only thing I've never owned is a full size coin-op but hope to remedy that soon (if she who must be obeyed allows).

Looking forward to visiting the RCM collection sometime soon.

Cheers for now,


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