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You are most welcome to drop in and drop off at any time :)

-- Richard

I've just finished bringing an Acorn Electron back to better condition. When I "inherited" it from a friend who moved to Australia, it had no power supply and a dodgy keyboard.

I've since stuffed a new switch-mode PSU into the case, a +5 to -5V DC-DC conveter (makes the tape input work) and replaced the keyboard cables.

Repton now plays well after these minor repairs/upgrades :)

My repair service is available if anyone has an ill machine they'd like me to take a look at. Repairs not guaranteed and time taken may vary ;)

-- Richard

A lappie running a virtual OS should work, though you'll be missing on the fun of setting up a dirty great PC-AT (not ATX) system :)

I'm planning a test install on my laptop to check the IPX stack/DOOM interactivity works correctly. I'll be bringing my laptop, but only as a "source" system, e.g. loading tape images, finding info out on the web, etc, not as a retro gaming system... so it can sit quietly in a corner undisturbed by the masses.. :)

-- Richard

AndyRCM: sorry for the topic drift there mate :)

Don't worry about me re: not enough room for machines. I'll bring what I think its useful (e.g. my DOS box filled with DOS games) and I'll let you and anyone else planning layout decide what you want to use. I don't mind if some kit has to sit the day out in the car :)

-- Richard

Yep, you're right. Maximum 4 players in co-operative or deathmatch mode.


-- Richard

4 Players?

I thought 32? Maybe thats Quake....

-- Richard

I'll see your 486, and raise you a GenuineIntel P166 with 48Mb of RAM, MSDOS 6.2, network card, mandatory copy of doom, IPX stack and a spare copy of Windows NT 4 on standby...

I believe that counts me in for deathmatch DOOM :)

-- Richard

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Re: Amiga 23-way D connector
« on: April 16, 2009, 10:00:31 PM »
No go at the Sinclair Shop... ready made cables only ... and farkin expensive too :(

-- Richard

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Amiga 23-way D connector
« on: April 16, 2009, 01:06:26 PM »

I'm trying to source some connectors that plug into the Amiga's 23-way D connector video socket, but it seems to be somewhat obscure.

Does anyone know of a reliable seller of such peculiar beasts? I'm looking to make up 1 (or more) SCART cables without hacking apart a working video adapter module.

-- Richard

I supposed I should make my mark in the official manner...

Hi, I'm Richard, I'm down in Portsmouth and there are far too many keyboards in my house.

I have an Acorn Econet of 4 machines (2 Model Bs, 1 Master 128 and an A3020 Fileserver). The Clock Box, terminators, cables and T-pieces are all home-made :)

The Master 128 has a 3Mhz 65C02 Turbo Co-Processor fitted, as well as a 180Mb IDE Hard drive and Music 500 Synthesizer.

I also have a home-made ZX Spectrum 48K, an Acorn Electron, an A4000 Archimedes, an A3000 (with no PSU), Risc PC 700, Commodore Amiga A500+ (standard issue), Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo, Game Boy.

My more peculiar systems include two SGI Indys with 200 and 250Mhz MIPS R4600 CPUs, A 64-bit MIPSEL 1U Rackmount Cobalt RaQ 2, Sun SparcStation 2, Sun SparcStation IPX, 2 Mac LC475s, a Mac Performa 6330.

My "regular" systems are a G4 Mac tower, two PCs (one Win XP, One Ubuntu Linux), and a P166 DOS Box.

I have a fascination with old systems and the electronics thereof. I have plans to build a 128K ZX Spectrum laptop from scratch, an Acorn Atom (eventually) and an ethernet interface for the BBC Micro.

I can offer to repair ill systems as long as people are willing to pay postage and wait until I have some spare time. My specialties are Acorn systems and ZX 80/81/Spectrums.

I'll also bringing *stuff* to the open day on May 31st :)


-- Richard

« on: April 14, 2009, 01:30:54 PM »
Phu, are you coming to RCM? (please say yes!)
I would love to see your homemad speccy .... what an awesome idea!

If not, can we see some pics please ..... I need my fix of Hardware Pr0n!

I will be attending the open day on May 31st, and bringing the Speccy along.

I put together a page describing my home made units:

This shows the Speccy in an earlier stage, before I had fixed the circuit boards down, put in the joystick ports, tidied up the keyboard, and finished off the casing.

It also shows my ZX81, which is now rather ill. It was never fully stable, and I couldn't track down the loose connection. At some point I intend to get a new circuit board made for it to which will be fitted a PLCC-44 Z80, SOJ 64K RAM chip and PLCC-32 Flash EEPROM.

Of course, if someone wants to cough up £60 to get the board made, it could make it to the open day.... (j/k.. I wouldn't ask for that kind of favour ;) ).

-- Richard


I should be able to bring a carload with me :)

Regarding IPX for Doom, I've done this before so I can probably lay my hands on some software for this if anyone else is struggling.

I also have copies of the aforementioned Duke Nukem 1 & 2 if needed.

I'll be bringing along the home-made ZX Spectrum+ 48K (see other thread about the RM Nimbus for details), and probably the two joysticks I have.

Would my Master 128 with HD-full-o-games be welcomed?

My Sega Master System, Megadrive and Super Nintendo are all modified for RGB out. I can bring these if they would be of use.

Lastly, I have monitors/TVs I can bring if needed - RGB (TV Scan) monitor, SGI 13w3 monitor, my really nice Philips SCART monitor, and a 14" SCART enabled telly.

Oh, and if anyone needs any obscure cables making up, let me know. Cables are a specialty :)

Andy: I've got a spare Acorn mouse here if you need one for the A3020 and don't manage to find one.

-- Richard

« on: April 10, 2009, 08:19:28 PM »

Its not just a standard RM Nimbus either. Its the RM Nimbus PC version of the BBC Master Domesday system.

Its fitted with a SCSI controller card and I've given Andy the Domesday software reader. All it needs is an LVROM player and a telly with a SCART socket to complete the system :)

The thing that Andy is excited about is my home made ZX Spectrum+ 48K. Its built into a classy black bbc-micro shaped box, with a proper keyboard (liberated from a faulty Model B). Comes complete with two interface 2 joystick ports, one of which doubles up as a kempston port.

Andy: I'm going to see if I can fit some sort of means of edge connector to it so peripherals (DivIDE?) can be attached. I also want to modify the switch at the back* to disable the interface 2 chip, as it interferes with playing Lemmings by gamepad...

* You didn't see this, but at the back of the unit is a small switch that was supposed to be a ROM select switch for if a 32K EPROM was installed. The switch does work, but there seems to be stability issues when an EPROM is used in place of the Sinclair ROM, so I don't use the switch (or indeed an EPROM).

-- Richard

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