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« on: October 03, 2009, 12:21:16 PM »
Also anything by Kefrens - especially desert dreams (1993). This was the 1st demo I ever saw which used ultra-slick inter-effect transitions..

If you have an Amiga see it on that. If not, watch it on YT. It's not great but you get the idea. Vectordots don't encode very well :)

While I'm on the subject - does anyone remember the 'Probe' demo? I used to see it in shops all the time. Probe lands on alien planet (IIRC) and there's the telemetry screens, space, an alien, that kind of thing?


FOR SALE / WANTED / Re: For sale - Fully modded Saturn
« on: October 03, 2009, 09:56:45 AM »

If you're egregiously dismayed by not getting here first I'll be looking to get another one done hopefully before the November TRCMOD.

Please can I order one and pay you cash for it at the RCM event? I do not know much about where to stick the ROM, so would it also be OK to bring my beeb along for someone to stick the ROM in the right place for me? One last question: would you also be able to put the collection on the MMC card, ready to use?

Yep, Yep, and Yep :)

I sound like one of them there Muppets.

Quick search on ebay ...

Is that what your talking about when you said Turbo?

Yup, that's it. Some hacks to the driver ROM have resulted in some extra speed, apparently. The hardware is compatible though so theoretically that image can be used :)

@blackpanther: was that one of the 'turbo' versions of'v ebay?

I'm intrigued by these... I'll probably be buying one to see what the difference is - unless <cough> I come by a ROM image <cough>



Ello Andy

Thanks for the thumbs up ;)

See you in Nov?

FOR SALE / WANTED / Re: For sale - Fully modded Saturn
« on: October 01, 2009, 09:16:21 AM »
Update: The Saturn is under serious offer. Lordy that was quick.


£17-50 delivered. (There's economics in effect for you - amazing what a little competition can do ;0)

Includes handmade board, ROM and an MMC card large enough for 'the collection'. Fully tested, artisan made  8)

Every board individual, tested and, even if I do say so myself, a tiny little work of art :) These are as small as they can get, barely bigger than the MMC itself. ~50cm cable is long enough to site the board at the back, top, side or bottom of the beeb.

Pictures here:

I'll be taking some to RCM open day in November, as well as some beebs to plug onto them.

FOR SALE / WANTED / Re: For sale - Fully modded Saturn
« on: October 01, 2009, 09:01:42 AM »
Cheers Andy.

I didn't think I was taking the pee - parts alone cost me £50+, and like I said, the time and effort was more than the average chipping..!

I like to do these things for the challenge and pleasure of achieving something. I offered it here first because I know the pedigree of the people that hang out. May's event showed the depth of commitment :) I think I may have got more if I'd listed on eBay but there's the added hassle of working the listing in such a way that people know it's a special machine but the eBay People's Copyright Protection Front don't nab you first ;)

FOR SALE / WANTED / Sold - Fully modded Saturn
« on: September 30, 2009, 10:18:31 PM »

I've just finished work on a UK Saturn. It's been given a mod-chip for swap-free backup access. It's got a switch-free region mod to allow EUR/USA/JAP games to be played in their native refresh rate and screen size. Hold down reset and after a second the power LED cycles through green/orange/red respectively to indicate the selected region. The region is preserved across play sessions.

I do good work - I will happily bang on about it for hours if you'll let me. ;D Or I can show you pictures..!

It's a lovely near-mint model 2 unit, the one with the round buttons. It will come with 2 controllers - one original and one brand new 3rd party type - and a composite video cable. The box is in fair condition. I can't say for sure whether all the original bits are in the box if that matters to anyone, but if I can find out what was supposed to be in there I can check. Sod it, I'll throw in a boxed light gun too. Virtua cop rocks!

I see that Saturns are going for ~£30 on eBay right now judging by the completed items listings. They're a pain to modify, though, as there were many motherboard revisions and finding the right places to cut and patch to achieve the region switching is hair-raising work. I've uploaded some of the macro shots I did of the motherboard to identify the pads which needed surgery. Bear in mind these are 2mm wide and the traces between them needed cutting... Why am I saying this? Just so you know and don't think I'm taking the mickey when I say I'd like ~£60 for it.

I'll be going to the November RCM event which will save on any postage pain but if it has to be shipped that would be extra. I also have a boxed Sega steering wheel which I'd be just about willing to part with - I have no idea of the worth but I'd listen to offers.

PM me if you want further info, etc. etc.

- Charlie

Pix here:

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