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I am bumping this thread now that is open for business.  We really do need listings right now.  So if you believe that gamers/computers collectors need an alternative to Ebay, please join and list.  There are no listing fees so there is no risk :) 

And check back frequently as we do have sellers starting to list some items. 

GameGavel Europe is now open at is now open to be a full-fledged Ebay alternative for gamers in Europe. Started to run along side GameGavel USA, which launched back in March 08, is designd to be a less-expensive auction alternative that is dedicated to gaming. It features no-listing fee auctions and significnatly less expensive selling/final value fees than compared to Ebay.

All video gaming items new and old, as well as computers and arcade games/pinball/fruit macines are all fair game on GameGavel. It is also a great place to run auctions for reproduction, homebrew or prototype games that sometimes are not acceptable to Ebay. GameGavel is a site built by gamers for gamers. In addition to the auction site, a sense of community is being built around the community forums as well as a 24/7 retro gaming radio station, as well as a monthly 5-6 hour podcast dedicated to retrogaming,

It is a unique, all-inclusive gaming destination unlike any other. If you are fed up with Ebay and looking for an alternative, please give GameGavel a chance to grow and thrive by visiting it weekly to see what new items have been listed by our sellers. It will take time to populate it with auctions but we hope to have up and running along side GameGavel USA, which is now the most successful video game dedicated auction site ever. We all want an alternative to Ebay and we will do whatever it takes to make that alternative in Europe.

Registration is free so join today and be apart of our history.

Hello everyone,

My name is Mike, I usually go by So Cal Mike in many of the other forums.  I am founder of a less-expensive alternative to Ebay for gamers.

I am a gamer myself, grew up in the 70's/80's and have had a variety of computers and gaming systems.  Since this is a Retro Computers site I will mention that I started out with a Timex Sinclair 1000 (I am in the USA) and quickly moved onto a C-64 and ultimately to my favorite retro "gaming" computer the Apple IIc.  I loved playing games on the C-64 and Apple IIC, the Timex. . . not so much although I did alot of fun programming on that thing :)

Now I currently have my Apple IIc still hooked up as well as a C-64. I have tons of games for both computers and play them frequently. I have also started collecting full size arcade games and pinball machines.  Living in Southern California I am fortuneate to have weekend swap meets all year long that are a constant source for adding to my retrogaming collections.

Anyway, that is all I have to say.  I will poke my head in here often to see what it happening.

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