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OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: May 07, 2014, 08:01:55 PM »
Long time since last update

Orders for those that have yet to get to 10 are still available, but will do a new thread for them

PCE and ED64s

Ill be sorting out the packing and postage for those that have only ordered a ED64 or PCE ED or both

Postage wise I am unsure of costs right now, rough estimate is about £4.30 for UK 1st class recorded each, for the two I am unsure, but wont be much more, this could be cheaper.

If you want yours sent out please send me a PM

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: April 15, 2014, 07:33:12 PM »
Think we spoke on FB about it.

Closing date is the 20th

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:23:54 PM »

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: March 30, 2014, 12:42:57 AM »
Please check the Op for payment details and costs (also check as my maths might be off)

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:11:42 PM »
Clsoing date is Sunday. then no more orders and everything is final, update Satruday

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:09:11 PM »
I have also added a number next to the items to aid my mind
I am waiting from a response from Krizz about any possablie problems ordering

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: February 16, 2014, 03:23:51 PM »
Helps if I put the link on for the MD clone I'm referring to:
Im kinda avoiding most clone consoles.

But I am partial to a good Famiclone.
The EDs work on my Retro Duo

Apparently its fairly easy to 50/60 mod a MD

Looked at the photos.
"Pokemon on the box"

Oh boy

GAMING . . . / Introducing "The nights of gaming" - My new games night
« on: February 14, 2014, 02:54:25 PM »
As the Lass is no more (well in my eyes) Computer Club is no more
New location, new day, new vigor, new ideas, new twists

Cant decide what ones best

We still have the last Tuesday, but we now have Sundays
Its at The fab cafe Manchester
A geek haven, a place that you really need to visit if you are into Sci-fi

All relevent info on TNOG.ORG

first one (the beta testing) is on the 22nd (Sunday) then the 25th

I have already been booked for an external one in March.
If only I could earn a decent living off it all, id have to pull in £150 a week for it to work

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: February 14, 2014, 02:49:33 PM »
Im unsure about that,

Know mine work with the Retro Duo

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: January 26, 2014, 10:39:51 AM »
Updated, some have reached ten, if theres any interest in doing so I might put the orders for the ones at ten middle of Feb

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: January 20, 2014, 03:53:04 PM »
Look on retrogate.

The SNES one with discount will be about £35, the SD2SNES is more or less £90 (Extra hardware inside)

OFF TOPIC / Re: Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: January 19, 2014, 01:32:36 PM »

He takes payment in $
Normally a Super Everdrive would cost $79,
But if ten people order it becomes $60

At the current time of writing $60 is £36.54 in real money (hur hur)

£37 (postage is cheap as they are just PCBs and I pack them very well) for a cart that plays almost every ROM and ROM hack (DSP chips can be soldered on so it can play Mario Kart and Mario Kart R)

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Re: Lass O' Gowrie closing down now too :(
« on: January 19, 2014, 01:18:10 PM »
A few places are closing
Night and day cafe, Star and garter (used to have a games night, ran by someone that used to write for some games mags)

My games night has moved to FAB cafe, more details to come as im meeting with their higher ups next week

OFF TOPIC / Everdrive (console flashcart) group buy 2014
« on: January 19, 2014, 01:14:50 PM »
As some forums are annoying with there PM programs (Urgh one at a time) im posting the mass message here.
People that have yet to pay with a week left will be pestered

Thank you for taking part

Now comes the time of great payments.

Unlike last time I am only doing payments via PayPal

Please check to make sure that the amount I have next to your orders is correct

All payments must be in USD ($)
All Payments must be via Paypal
If its gift or personal payment (recommended to cover your self) you must pay the fees on your end, I do not want to be out of pocket on this, any that dont pay the fee will be refunded

The closing date for payments is the 13th of April as long as the ED in question has reached ten payers ill put it in,
I want this all to move smother than the first one I did

Payments for postage to come when I have them, multiple orders ill arrange postage discounts when I have them

Now is the time of PMing
On your PM shall be the following
"Real name"
What its for
Full cost

Ill send PP details then (My Ctrl, C and V keys are getting faded)
I would ask for a tip, but that would be cheeky so ill say to bung a few quid in a the next charity box you pass

NES N8 $85.00 each - 18
Ami - r0jaws, soeter04, SaviorX, limboy777, gamegirlmicro, tokyoracer, mc68000, scoobyatgb, Monkeh, Banjo
J+ Threepwood, konami79, simonden, The Last Bandit, instant_classic, paylesspizzaman, gojira54, chubsta
RCM - billdooruk

SD2SNES $155.00 each - 22
Ami -EFTPOTRM, a4kuse, -acid-, flare x2, Marmes, fille1976, soeter04, rave, scoobyatgb, Rishca, amigaoldskool
J+ - FrancoB, threepwood, AGP, jamesrussels, shagster, Pyongyang, chrischapman01, paylesspizzaman
RG - Shinobi x2, Herge-kun

Everdrive 64 $80.00 - 13
Ami - soeter04, flare, BluesBrothers, mc68000, rave, Banjo
J+ - FrancoB, Blip, The Last Bandit, Reaver, paylesspizzaman, gojira54
RG - HisNHer_LP

Super Everdrive $60.00 each - 14
Ami - Banjo
J+ - Uberpixel, daz125, Reaver, geotrig, penrhos, anunaki, Vadergb, DrGlitch, gojira54
RCM - Muguk, stiggy2009
RG - Shinobi

PCE$60.00 each - 15
Ami - soeter04, jamma, Marmes x5, BluesBrothers, gamegirlmicro
J+ - Uber pixel, colinD, instant_classic, Pyongyang, Vadergb, gojira54
RG - neufena

Mega Everdrive   $106.00 each - 17
Ami - Hellraiser, Marmes x2, Skellionz, fille1976, soeter04, scrappysphinx, Firthy2002, Jamma, showbiz, amigaoldskool
J+ - Pyongyang, paylesspizzaman, Uberpixel, simonden, Morrissey_Fan, chubsta, tyke, mr_ppp
RG- Mister Xiado

KEEPING OPEN!! Just to get to the 10, do not send money yet

Everdrive MD $60.00 each - 8
Ami - protek,
J+ - penrhos, acidburn, urbanledge, gojira54
RCM - Andy_ream, stiggy2009, muguk

Famicom N8 - $85.00 each - 4
J+ - Pyongyang, uberpixel, Beaps, gojira54

Master everdrive $60.00 each - 7
Ami - sir_beaker, soeter04, Firthy2002, scoobyatgb, -Acid-, scrappysphinx, amigaoldskool
J+ - Simonden

GameGear $60.00 each-?
RG - ArchaicKoala

Special offer from r0jaws
I'll open it up to everyone, if you want me to modify a donor cartridge with chips soldered in and cartridge cases modified to include an SD card slot I will setup a Just Giving webpage where you can make a donation for the work. Just send me a donor cartridge and some stamps for return postage (or send me a couple of quid via PayPal for recorded return delivery)

It will most likely be for the Make a Wish Foundation & Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, you can choose which one to give your donation too. The amount is upto you, I don't mind if it's a £1 or £10, whatever you like is Ok.
I will sort it out when DBloke/DPrinny/Mike is about to get the orders in.
TL;DR - Certain PCBs need a chip to get them to work, the N64 one needs a CIC chip from the region that the console is in order for it to work, these are found in every N64 game.
The Super Everdrive can have a "DSP1" chip soldered onto it to make Super Mario kart work theres a list online that lists games that have this chip

Difference between Super Everdrive and SD2SNES

Banjo    NESN8    ED64   Super Everdrive    $225
gamegrilmirco    NESN8    PCE    $145
limboy777    NESN8    $85
mc68000    NESN8    ED64    $165
Monkeh    NESN8    $85
r0jaws    NESN8    $85
SaviorX    NESN8    $85
scoobyatgb    NESN8    $85
soeter04    NESN8   SD2SNES   ED64    PCE   Mega Everdrive   $406
tokyoracer    NESN8    $85
a4kuse    SD2SNES    $155
-acid    SD2SNES    $155
flare    SD2SNES x2   ED64    $390
Marmes    SD2SNES    PCE x5   Mega Everdrive x2   $667
fille1976    SD2SNES    Mega Everdrive   $261
rave    SD2SNES   ED64    $235
Rishca    SD2SNES    $155
amigaoldschool    SD2SNES    Mega Everdrive   $261
BluesBrothers    ED64    PCE    $140
jamma    PCE   Mega Everdrive   $166
hellraiser    Mega Everdrive   $106
Skellionz    Mega Everdrive   $106
scrappysphinx    Mega Everdrive   $106
Firthy2002    Mega Everdrive   $106
showbiz    Mega Everdrive   $106

chubsta    NESN8    Mega Everdrive   $191
gojira54    NESN8    ED64   Super Everdrive   PCE    $285
instant_classic    NESN8    PCE    $145
konami79    NESN8    $85
pallesspizzaman    NESN8   SD2SNES   ED64    Mega Everdrive   $426
simonden    NESN8    Mega Everdrive   $191
The Last Bandit    NESN8    ED64    $165
Threepwood    NESN8   SD2SNES    $240
FrancoB    SD2SNES   ED64    $235
AGP    SD2SNES    $155
jamesrussels    SD2SNES    $155
shagster    SD2SNES    $155
Pyongyang    SD2SNES    PCE   Mega Everdrive   $321
chrischapman01    SD2SNES    $155
Reaver    ED64   Super Everdrive    $140
Uberpixel    Super Everdrive   PCE   Mega Everdrive   $226
daz125    Super Everdrive    $60
geotrig    Super Everdrive    $60
penrhos    Super Everdrive    $60
anunaki    Super Everdrive    $60
Vadergb    Super Everdrive   PCE    $120
DrGlitch    Super Everdrive    $60
colinD    PCE   
Morrissey_fan    Mega Everdrive   $106
tyke    Mega Everdrive   $106
mr_ppp    Mega Everdrive   $106

Shinobi    SD2SNES x2   ED64   Super Everdrive    $450
Herge-kun    SD2SNES    $155
neufena    PCE    $60
Mister Xiado    Mega Everdrive   $106

billdooruk    NESN8    $85
MugUK    ED64   Super Everdrive    $140
stiggy2009    ED64   Super Everdrive    $140

That thing I have been baiting for the last few months.
This is it
Together in Electric Dreams;

Written by Daniel Thackeray and produced by Lass O'Gowrie Production, "Together in Electric Dreams" is a new play which examines the relationship between Sir Clive Sinclair and Alan Sugar (now Lord Sugar of Apprentice fame). The production centres on a meeting in a restaurant between these two titans of the 80's computer scene in 1986 which led to Sinclair's computers being sold to Alan Sugar. Sheding light on these titans of the home computer age, "Together in Electric Dreams" is a fitting celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Spectrum's launch and of a time when Britain was briefly at the centre of the global home computer boon.

To be performed at the Lass O'Gowrie in July as part of the very first Greater Manchester Fringe...

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