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CODING AREA / Game Maker HTML5 : Alien Breakout
« on: October 11, 2011, 09:21:00 PM »
Hi ! :)

Here is a nice little mini-game called - " Alien Breakout " that was designed in Game Maker HTML5.

Use the Left Mouse Button to Start and Mouse to Move or -Tap- Screen on Mobile Device and use Finger to Slide Bat.

This game works on Android Phones and Tablets, Apple iPod Touch, iPhones, MAC and PC.

NOTE : Please make sure you are in a Wi-Fi spot or zone when playing this game, as it downloads from the Internet and requires around 400kb

Thank you and enjoy ! ;)

CODING AREA / Game Maker HTML5 : Fartoids gets a mention ...
« on: September 28, 2011, 06:59:03 PM »
Hi ! :)

Some of you may know that I use Game Maker a lot for Game Projects. Well, YoYo Games released a HTML5 Studio last week and I managed to port over the mini-game called - " Fartoids ". Quite surprisingly, it get a mention on one of the official YoYo Games Blogs :

[ ]

Check it out ! ;)

BTW : Both the Game Maker HTML5 Studio and Fartoids are in Beta stages, so you will find some bugs in place.


Alex. ;)

Hi ! :)

During the Members Event on Saturday, I managed to take several Videos which are available to watch from my YouTube Channel :

[ ]

Most of the Videos should have been uploaded by later on today.

Also, apologies for the auto-focus moments. The Sony Bloggie I used, tends to go out of focus without reason and hasn't got a manual focus option.

Anyway, enjoy the moments from the day ! ;)

Hi ! :)

I am trying to use DreamShell on a specialist SD Card Reader for a Dreamcast ...

So far :

I've burned the Burn DS_SD_Loader.cdi to CDR with ActiveISO Burner and put directory DS onto the SD Card, then into the SD Reader. The CDR is then put into CD top loader and then turned on the DS.

Result ... nothing ! :(

Has the Burn DS_SD_Loader.cdi image burned correctly as a proper image to the CDR ?

Many thanks !

Alex. :)

Hi ! :)

If you like following or reading Blogs, I have two that might be of interest. Blogged by myself of course ...

All Things Mastertronic ::

This follows my attempt and goal of collecting all of the Mastertronic Games on Tape for the Commodore 64, about 239 in fact.

Game Making the Home Brew Way ::

A current and historical read of all my Games, past and present. Although, I have started from the latest project - " Shapes - Mindorama " and followed with my first PC Game - " Bugsy - The Four Seasons " from 2005.

Thanks ! :)

Mastertronic ::
As some of you might be aware, I've become a *big* fan of all things Mastertronic. Specifically, on the Commodore 64 and mostly on Tape. This is from the very first title, Duck Shoot or catalogue number 1C 0001 for those who like to index their software and up to Sidewinder II or PAL CM14. For some reason Mastertronic liked to change their catalogue numbers and weren't consistent in keeping it to follow on. There were several different labels under the umbrella of Mastertronic : Plus / 299, Mastertronic Added Dimension ( MAD ), Master Vision, Entertainment USA, Ricochet ( re-releases from other software houses ) and of course Mastertronic, but not forgetting Bulldog ( small vivid memories of this label ).

One particular game out of the Mastertronic range, is Formula 1 Simulator, for this is the very game that sold over 500,000 copies on all the 8-bit platforms it appeared on ( source from : ). So, take £2 of your pocket money from the 1980's and times it by 500,000 at the very least £1,000,000.

The above image was scanned from the original Commodore 64 Tape Inlay at 300 dpi, leaving a gap surrounding the image just to show the edging. It was saved as a Bitmap Image ( 24 bit ), has been resized and saved as a JPG with quality set to 100%. I find that if the original image is scanned as a Bitmap and at the said mentioned 300 dpi, it helps retain the high quality, if you need to say, rotate by 0.1 or higher. Packages like Photoshop or Photo Filtre allow for finer rotating.

The final cropped and resized image above, shows the Formula 1 Simulator Inlay without any outer information from the original scan. In this instance, I measured 6.5 cm x 10.2 cm. This was achieved by using a crop window in Photoshop or Photo Filtre and moving it until I had the desired area . As a final touch, use the Spot Healing or Smudge Tool to smudge out any unwanted blemishes or scratches.

At a last count and according to the definitive release list from : ( ) There were around 239 releases on Tape for the Commodore 64 by Mastertronic, including it's sub labels. I currently own 87 in my collection at present, sourced from trades and purchases from eBay or online.

Mastertronic ::
Bionic Granny, Hektik, Munch Mania, Duck Shoot, BMX Racers, Kane, City Fighter, One Man and His Droid, Spectipede, Hunter Patrol, Jungle Story, Kikstart, Squrim, Space Walk, Formula 1 Simulator, Finders Keepers, Magic Carpet, Phantom of the Asteroids, Excaliba, Space Hunter, Action Biker, The Human Race, Big Mac, Spooks, 1985, Skyjet, Challenger, Chiller, Vegas Jackpot, Sub Hunt, Video Meanies, The Curse of Sherwood, Kikstart 2, Motorbike Madness, Storm, BMX Trials, Speed King, Hollywood or Bust, Back to Reality, Milk Race, Kane 2,Hacker II - The Doomsday Papers, Gaplus, Masterchess, Pulse Warrior, Night Racer, Scout, Agent X II, Dark Star, Mind Control, Mega Play Volume 1.

Plus / 299 ::
Rescue on Fractalus, Continental Circus, Advanced Basketball Simulator, Silkworm, T-Bird, John Barrington Squash, Protector, Side Winder II, Election Game, Micro Mouse

MAD ::
The Last V8, Master of Magic, Rockford, Voidrunner, Con-Quest, Countdown to Meltdown, Energy Warrior / Molecule Man, Flash Gordon, Motos, Hero of the Golden, Talisman, 180, Manic Miner

Master Vision ::
Se-Kaa of Assiah

Entertainment USA ::
Ninja, Bump Set Spike, Panther, L.A. SWAT, Cage Match

Ricochet ::
Jet Set Willy - The Final Frontier, Rebel, Rock 'n' Bolt, Little Computer People, The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Bazooka Bill, Ghostbusters, Knuckle Busters, FA Cup Football, Way of the Exploding Fist.

If you have any Titles not in this list and would like to donate or sell at a modest price towards this collection, please reply to this thread or PM me. Each Title is catalogued, Inlay scanned and Tape tested. Also, .TAP and .D64 image files according to each Title are taken into account as well. It's a small preservation project of mine, even if it takes a while, I am sure it will be worth it ... In fact, call me ... Mr. Tronic or Mistertronic even ! :)

COLLECTORS CORNER / HeadingtonBard's Collection
« on: June 26, 2011, 08:31:22 PM »
HeadingtonBard's Collection ::

Computers :
1x Atari 800XL
1x Atari 65XE ( in Surgery )

1x Commodore 128
1x Commodore 64c

Disk Drives :
1x Atari 1050

1x Commodore 1541-II

Tape Decks :
1x Atari XC12

2x Commodore C2N

Add-ons :

SD Card Readers
1x 1541-II Ultimate from Gideon's Logic Architectures

Emulation :

1x MCC-216 ( S-Video ) from Arcade Retro Gaming ( Currently - Atari 2600, Commodore 64 and Amiga Cores )

Consoles :

1x Atari 2600 Junior ( modded )
1x Atari Flashback 1 ( boxed )
1x Sega Dreamcast

Mastertronic Tapes - Commodore 64 :
100+ out of 239 for the full set

oOo - oOo

A small, but modest collection ! :)

« on: June 24, 2011, 01:12:38 PM »
Hi ! :)

Years ago, I was informed that a 5amp Fuse should be used on Computer Equipment and a 13amp Fuse should be used on White Goods ( Fridges and Cookers etc.

The reason I am asking this question, is that I have found a few of my retro computers with 13amp Fuses.

Thanks ! :)

Introduction ::

Here we have a device that has been sought after for the last couple of years, not by just me, but by many others in the Commodore 64 / 128 community. Pre-orders of the 1541 Ultimate have far exceeded 500+, maybe even 1000+ and can take several months to fulfill due to it's unprecidented demand. Designed by Gideon's Logic Architectures, it fits in perfectly with the users every day needs.

Storage ::

All files can be loaded from a MicroSD Card formatted with FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. I am currently using a 4 GIG card, but some other users are using higher capicity cards. In addition, you can use a USB Memory Stick, although, I would recommend using an extender Cable, if used, to enable more flexibility during use.

Front : Serial, LED's and Buttons ... Back : Buttons and Expansion Slot ( Tape Extender )

Side : Buttons, Audio and Serial Port ... Side : Buttons, USB Port and MicroSD Slot

A familiar screen greets the user upon switching on for the first time, its of course the Cyberpunx Retro Replay by Count Zero.

If you press the ' Middle Button ' you'll be presented with the following screen. If you move the ' Cursor ' right, the next screen will appear ...

As you can see, from the screen above, there are ' five ' directories to choose from ...

Pressing ' Enter ' with make the pop-up menu appear with ' three options ', ' Enter ', ' Rename ' and ' Delete '.

Once you have chosen a ' Directory ', you should see a list of files to choose from.

The options on this menu are fairly self explanitory. Simply ' Mounting ' a Disk will do as prompted, but will require a reset of the 1541U-II and the use of the traditional ' LOAD " * " , 8 , 1 or LOAD " $ " , 8 to load or list the file structure of the attacted disk. ' Enter ' will allow you to view the contents of the selected .D64 etc. ' Rename ' will allow you to rename and ' Delete ' to delete. Mounting a disk as read only will do, no files like high-score tables will be adjusted or files deleted by accident. Using Unlinked mode is fairly similar, but does not reflect on the .D64 image in question. The other options refer to using addition drives, if needed.

If you just press the ' Right-Cursor ' on a selected .D64 image, you can browse the contents of the disk.

Hereby pressing ' Enter ' on selected browsed content you can, ' Run ', ' Load ' or ' Mount & Run '. This happens with immediate affect, so any Demo or Game should be up and running fairly quickly.

Connections and File Types ::

The 1541U-II is connected via a Serial Cable to the Serial Port, but can be daisy chained to a *real* Disk Drive, not forgetting to adjust the appropriate Drive number, like 8 or 9 etc. Disks can be Mounted, which basically links the 1541 and the 1541U-II, just like the *real* thing. You can link as 'Read Only' or as 'Unlinked', were as High-Score Tables aren't saved to the actual image ( .D64 or .G64 ).

Currently, the following images are recognised : .D64 or .G64 ( Disk Images ), .T64 or .TAP ( Tape Images ), .SID ( SID Music ) and .PRG ( Programs ). Also, REU files can be played via for example : Nuvie Player v1.0 .PRG. Simply select the desired .REU file and then load the player afterwards. You will however, have to set the REU RAM size to 16MB and turn the RAM Expansion setting on first before any such files can be played. See C64 and Cartridge Settings screenshot for details. As of revision 2.2a (A8), REU files don't run too well on the Commodore 128, whilst in Commodore 64 mode. They part run and then crash, this doesn't happen on the Commodore 64 though. Rest assured though, this bug will be fixed as soon as possible by the software developer.

Keyboard Navigation ::

You can navigate the Menus quite easily using the following keyboard controls :
CRSR - Up / Down Move the Cursor ( highlighted line ) Up / Down
CRSR Left - Go one level up ( level the directory or disk )
CRSR Right - Go one level down ( enter directory or disk )
Return / Space - Bring up a content menu with actions to be performed on the selected item
F1 - Page up
F7 - Page down
F2 - Enter the setup menu
F5 - Bring up a menu with actions to be performed
Quick Seek - Use the keyboard to type the name to search for. You can use ' ? ' as a wildcard
Run / Stop - Leave the ' Menu '

Tip : Pressing ' F2 ' whilst in the Menu structure will bring you to the ' Configuration ' menu.

Configuration Menu ::

Whilst in configuration mode ...

Use the Up / Down Cursor Keys to navigate and Right to enter desired configuration screen. Once inside the a settings screen, the behaviour of the keyboard is slightly different :

CRSR Up / Down - Move the cursor ( highlighted line ) Up / Down
CRSR Left / Right - Increase or decrease a setting, cycling through the available options
Del - Go up one level
Return / Space - For string fields - Bring up a text entry box
For enumerated fields - Bring up a context menu with the available options
Run / Stop - Leaves the configuration menu and saves new values

You may need to reset or power cycle the C64 for some of the new settings to take effect.

- Clock Settings

- USB Settings

- Audio Settings

- 1541 Drive Settings ( one for each emulated drive, if more than one exist )

- C64 and Cartridge Settings

The SID Player within 1541 U-II. Just select a SID and off you go !

1541 Ultimate II LED's ::

From left to right ...

Green 1541 Power
Red 1541 Status
Yellow Cartridge Active
Green Storage Activity

The Drive Power LED has four states :

Off The Drive is not powered
Dim Powered, but not mounted
Half Bright Powered and Disk mounted, Motor off
Bright Powered, Disk mounted and Motor running

Other Hardware ::

The 1541U-II can emulate a Cassette Tape Deck with .TAP file, in order to use this function you will need a Tape Extender. This connects the 1541U-II to the Tape port of the C64. The connector is on the underside of 1541U-II and is available through a small hole in the plastic case. The 6 pins correspond via a Cable back to the Tape Port of the C64. This device can be ordered via the 1541 Ultimate website.

Summary ::

Using an 1541 Ultimate II is a joyful experience with it's user friendly menu driven interface and its pleasing black background. Most of the options used during the everyday operation, for me, are set at default without any changes. Apparently, you can copy from a 5.25" Floppy Disk to .D64 image and the transfer speeds are about ( 1 minute, 30 seconds each way ). This option has yet to be tested, as with the Tape Extender for which I hope to get soon, enabling the loading of .TAP files. Even if it defeats the object of fast access to loading the game.

Possible enhancements :

- SID Play : Pressing Run / Stop or Backspace to return to the File or Folder screen
- A colour preferences screen for the Menus
- Built in Menu for Disk Transfer for .D64 Images to 5.25" and vice versa.

For more information on the 1541 Ultimate II : [ ]

Also, please respect and be considerate to any long pre-order fulfillment times if you wish to purchase this wonderful product. The current price with a 4GIG MicroSD in Euros is : € 108.40 excl VAT. Check currency rates for a more accurate figure.

Hi ! :)

I've decided to collect Commodore 64 Mastertronic Games, mostly on Tape. Ah ! Those memories of childhood days with a few quid in my pocket for some random gaming fun ! :) So far I have :

Bionic Granny
Munch Mania
Duck Shoot
BMX Racers
City Fighter
One Man and His Droid
Hunter Patrol
Jungle Story

I might have a way to go, but it is something different and its a goal I want to achieve. If you wish to donate towards this collection or would like to sell some titles at a modest price, then please let me know. I will have some Disk and Tape games up for trading soon as well. I have seen some Mastertronic games going for £1.25 ( including FREE postage ) on eBay.

The only wish I have with the games, is that they load at least on one side and the case and inlay are intact.

Thanks, Alex ! :)

Hi ! :)

Is there an alternative way of loading from Tape on an Atari 800 or Atari 65XE, other than :

Power Down / Power Up with Press Play on Tape and holding down Start ?

Would simply pressing the Reset Button and Start not be the same ?

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / I Love You ... Retro !
« on: June 13, 2011, 07:33:08 PM »

< ( (( (  R  E  T  R  O  ) )) ) >

< ( (( (  I   L O V E   Y O U  ) )) ) >

Hi All ! :)

Meet the Commodore 64 SD Card Reader Girls :

Left to right : 1541 Ultimate II, C64 SD V2 from Manosoft and Chameleon 64.

Reviews of the C64 SD from Manosoft and Chameleon 64 ( update of Beta revisions coming soon ) are available from Hardware Reviews section. The 1541 Ultimate II Review should be up in the next few days, time pending ! ;)

Hi ! :)

I have an Atari 2600 Junior without a PSU. There have been some on eBay, but they are going for about £20 ! :O

Has anyone got one for sale, for less than £20 or could recommend a *safer* way of using an multi adaptor ?

Many thanks !

Alex. :)

Introduction ::

Important Note : Chameleon 64 does not work with the Commodore 128 or Cartridge Expanders. An attempt to test or try either method could result in the Hardware being damaged or malfunction !

I had been eyeing up this *special* Cartridge for a few months and kept " Umming " and " Ahhing ". Until I made the final decision to go for it and " caved in " to it's features and options. The yellow casing is strangely appealing, even if some may think it is as odd. Even the are blue buttons pleasing to the eye and to be honest, does it really matter what colours the Cartridge and Buttons are ? ( for the colour conscience person out there ).

The Photo below clearly shows, that yellow and blue do go together with a " Matlow " Swizzler Refresher as an example ( now consumed - yum ! )

( Top ) SD Card Slot / VGA Output - Separate Monitor Needed
( Front ) LED's Power Red and Active Green - Buttons Left > Disk Change Middle > Freeze Right > Reset

The Cartridge has several inputs for different Cables :

A Breakout Cable ( Left ) is for Power, Standalone Mode ( not tested fully at the moment ) and  PS/2 Connector ( Right ) for Keyboard and Mouse with an extra USB is for Data. Also, there is a Battery, in the middle of the Photo, this can be used for a Battery Backup Clock that the Chameleon supports. However, you will have to open the Cartridge in able to place the Battery inside. If so, great care is needed, so not to damage the casing. A small Flat-ended Screwdriver could be used in such a case.

( Left ) PS/2 Connector for Keyboard and Mouse etc / ( Right ) USB Port for Power / Data

( Left ) VGA Output ( Right ) SD Card Slot

( Left to Right ) Audio Output  / Infrared Receiver for CDTV Remote ( same hole as Audio ) and space for the RR-net rev.2 Ethernet Interface.

( Upper Inside ) Brown Strip for Protective Black Cover and does not interfere with Cartridge workings or when placed in Cartridge Port / Slot.

The Workings ::

Upon first booting up your C64 you'll be presented with some black lines and a brief boot screen before you reach this screen. Nothing to worry about, this is perfectly normal as it is loading the OS from the Onboard Flash.

You have four options : F1 - Start Browser / F3 - Edit Configuration / F5 - Upgrade BIOS / F7 - Edit to Basic

F1 - Start Browser ... Browse the contents of your SD Card to load different images ( subject to appropriate Plug-ins )

As standard, you are able to Load .PRG and SID Music Files. However, if you wish to Load .T64 and .D64 Files, you will have to use a different Plug-in ( see Plug-ins ).

F3 - Edit Configuration ... F1 - F3 are fairly understandable for selecting what you want. However, I haven't needed to use the F5 - Save Config and just skipped to F7 - Exit Without Saving. F5 - if pressed you are required to Press FLASH and Enter ( needs further investigation )

Whilst on the Main Menu, if you Press the 'Middle' Button for 2 seconds, you will be presented with the following Menu :

Select 'Options' for futher configuration ...

One of *killer* features of Chameleon 64, is VGA Output ...

Although, in this Photo it doesn't demonstrate the full capabilities. However, you can configure the Resolutions and Hertz of your screen output, depending on limitations of your Monitor. It is recommended that you use both RF / S-Video connections and VGA, whilst setting up the Screen Modes and Resolutions. It doesn't quite work with one Monitor.

Plug-ins ::

For some of the Disk and Tape images you will have to install a Plug-in in order for them to work. This is a painless and straight forward process. Simply, create a 'SYSTEM64' folder on your SD Card.

You will notice I have created other Folders : C64Music ( SID's ), Demos and Games ( .PRG / .D64 / .T64 ), Plug-ins and System64. If you just want to run SID's and .PRG files and nothing else, then you won't need to use any Plug-ins, but if you do, then the follow will provide some great options and results.

MMC64 Browser by Beyond Force

With this browser you can Load : .PRG / .D64 / .T64

Unfortunately, it does not load SID's. In order to use this Browser you need to download the .ZIP file from 'The C-64 Scene Database' and copy the BOOT.BIN and MMC.PRG file into the SYSTEM64 Folder on your SD Card. Whenever you use the Browser function, this will be the default Browser. To default to the original Browser, just remove the BOOT.BIN and MMC.PRG files from the SYSTEM64 folder on your SD Card. Simplying Press RETURN on the selected file, Loads it. There is a TEXT File within the .ZIP for this Browser, so you can read up on the workings shortcuts when using it.

MMC64 D64 Mounter by Beyond Force

If you are happy with Loading .PRG and SID's, but wish to run .D64 images, you can use this neat little Plug-in. Using the same method as before, clear out the SYSTEM64 folder and copy the file D64PLGIN.BIN to the SYSTEM64 folder.

Again, using the similar controls, by Pressing ENTER to Load the selected file.

D64 Reader by Achten/Goronzy

Here we have the ability to Dump a Disk Image to .D64 format. Using the same method as before, clear out the SYSTEM64 folder and copy the file D64PLGIN.BIN to the SYSTEM64 folder. Then, when you are ready, press ENTER and it will start to copy the Disk ... in an AMAZING ... 1 minute 22 seconds ! The .D64 just created will usually appear at the bottom of the .D64 list, so don't panic if it doesn't appear straight away.

D64 Writer by Kratznagel

Now the reverse process of Dumping a .D64 image to Disk. In both the D64 Reader and Writer process, I used the same Disk content. Using the same method as before, clear out the SYSTEM64 folder and copy the file D64PLGIN.BIN to the SYSTEM64 folder. Then, when you are ready, press ENTER and it will start to copy the .D64 image to Disk ... in an AMAZING ... 1 minute 22 seconds ! Exactly the same as the Reader process.

Retro Replay - 'Freezer Cartridge Function'

Although this function is relatively obvious and seems to work well, by simply pressing the 'Freeze' Button ( middle of three for 2 seconds ) when a Demo or Game is running. However, as current testing has proved, you cannot use a C2N or similar Tape Deck whilst using the Chameleon 64. There maybe various reasons for this, either Hardware or Software. If used, when you use Shift and Run/Stop and Press Play on Tape, nothing happens. I am not entirely sure why, but more puzzled if anything. As this is a replicate of Action Replay, you will find the most common Options and Utilities at your disposal.

Summary ::

I may well have overlooked a few options and operations with Chameleon 64, but what I have experienced has given me a taste of a product that is and should be a winner with lots of potential. It does have the capability to run in standalone mode, seemingly as a portable device or a FPGA Computer as it is reportedly capable of. I am of course using a BETA version of this product, 100% Hardware ready, but the Software is still being tested in areas. Some of the options I have already used could well be combined into one. A fine example is the Browser and some of the Plug-ins. If a Browser had the capability to enable following in one product or program :

[ D64 Read / Write ] [ .D64 / .PRG / .T64 / ] [ .SID / .PSID ] [ All C64 compatible Picture Formats ]

And additional options :

[ use of C2N Tape Unit or compatible ] [ A nice PDF Manual with basic and advanced features for all users ]

This may seem to be an expensive product at 199 EURO's, but when you consider it's capabilities and what it offers, you'll soon start to recognise it's worth. If the support with Software Development is faithful and strong to the Chameleon 64, it is sure to succeed.

For more information on Chameleon 64, please visit the following website : [ ]

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