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HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / C64 Breadbin ( overheating ? )
« on: April 04, 2011, 06:07:29 PM »
Hi ! :)

I have a C64 Breadbin and it appears to be randomly crashing. The screen will either go black or the graphics become corrupted. I am trying a different surge protector strip just in case, as I am not sure if this was causing the problem. Perhaps the Power Supply is getting too hot ? I am only loading a few games on tape, nothing over strenuous. I have an action replay mk 6 plugged in too.

Is there anyone out there that can refurb the C64 Breadbin or a C64c if need be ?

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Karma Chameleon 64 : Just ordered one ! :)
« on: March 30, 2011, 08:59:13 PM »
Hi ! :)

I've just ordered the : Chameleon 64 ! 8)

I'm particulary looking forward to the VGA ouput ! ( drool )

And of course ... There will be a review ! Also, I think we need to create a Forum ( pinned ) for reviews !

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Oops ! eBay Purchase ! :)
« on: March 28, 2011, 09:34:33 PM »
Oops ! I did it again ! :) Not bad for the Drive and Software Titles as well ...

I hope it's genuine and not a buggered setup ! :(

Hi ! :)

Can anyone remember having or seeing a third party Amiga Power Supply, especially for the A1200 ?

I think it was Power Computing or Datel and called Golliath !

Hi ! :)

Does anyone know whether any Commodore C64 / C128 Dead Test Cartridges time out after using them ? As in, after six months, the Cartridge ceases to function.

Hi ! :)

I made some changes to my Computer Desk ...

[ ... Before ... ]

[ ... After ... ]

[ The C64SD V2 from Manosoft running on the C64 MK II ]

To the left of the C64 MK II, is the Multiple Classic Computer, all ready to use, when need be ! ;)

Sorry about the quality of the Photo's, they were taken at night. I hope to retake some more during daytime hours. The Dell PC is now on the floor, to the right of the Computer Desk with ample breathing space around it ! :)

Hey ! :)

Guess who paid me a visit today ?

Sir Morris visits HeadingtonBard HQ with a nice Commodore 64 MKII with Jiffy DOS for me ! :)

Photos follow shortly ...

Hi ! :)

If anyone comes across the following Commodore 64 Projects and Demos whilst archiving or finding them, please let me know :

[ A missing collection of Demos and Games created by myself in the late 1980's ]

[ Under the name of : The Mighty Axle, Axle, Alex Aris or Axle Productions ]

I am looking for the following Demo and Games :

DEMO Music from Cybernoid
Contains Music extracted from Cybernoid with Text and ASCII Graphics.

DEMO Music from Triologic
Contains Music extracted from Triologics Expert Cartridge, Music was called Ode to Galway was composed by Red I believe.

GAME Biz or The Biz
Based on a modified version of Street Bomber - Programmed by Tony Rushbrook in October 1984 from Commodore Horizons. Contained multi-coloured Graphics, Music created on Ubiks Music, a High-Score Table and five Levels. Originally sent to Commodore Disk User, but was rejected because of a bug with distance of the Bomb from the Space Ship.

GAME Phantom - The Mission Remix
Created on the SEUCK ( contains slightly better Graphics and Gameplay )

Created on SEUCK, originally sent to Commodore Disk User, but was rejected due to some apparent glitches and collision detection problem.

These Demos and Games would have been sent across Europe and as far as Australia. If you have any of these in D64 format or even on 5.25" Disks let me know ! :)

Hi ! :)

I have a friend at work who is into Atari ST's and wondered if there was an Atari ST SD Card Reader available anywhere ?

Cheers, Alex.  ;)

Hi ! :)

NOTE : This post has had the *DEMO* link removed ! Please visit my website for further information on the projects progress.

I am currently working on a game : " Shapes - Mindorama ", bolted together and designed with Game Maker from YoYo Games.

The aim of the game using a Mouse, is to select a Blue Shape, which turns Yellow. You then guide the Yellow Shape to the corresponding Grey Shape ( Shadow ).

The game is still pretty much, work in progress and still has to have some music and sound effects provided by Kent ' Trace ' Valden. I am hoping to submit the end product to YoYo Games so it can be ported over to iOS and Android platforms. They use a special program called a - " Runner " which converts the Game Maker project file to a source suitable to meet the requirements of Apples terms and conditions.

Anyway, have a play and see how you get on ! ;)

Also, please feel free to play my other games, available on my website [ ], theres something there for everybody ! :)

Hi ! :)

Here are some Photos from my recent trip to the RCM Store :

Many thanks to the RCM Team for letting me visit them and see the Store ! :)

Hi ! :)

I have : Seagate GoFlex TV 1080P Media Player + 500 GB USB 2.0 Drive

It was bought from Amazon in December 2010, but I no longer use or want it. ( proof of receipt available )

I wish to Swap it for a : Commodore 64 MK II ( slimline ) in good working order, with the Casing and Keyboard in good condition as well. Any extras, like a Disk Drive etc would be much appreciated, but only if available.

Specifications from Amazon :

Product Features

    * Hard disk rotational speed: 7200 RPM
    * Supported file systems: HFS/NTFS/FAT32/FAT
    * Number of hard drives supported: 1
    * Connectivity technology: Wired
    * S/PDIF out port: Y

    * Product Description: FreeAgent GoFlex TV - digital multimedia receiver
    * Product Type: Digital multimedia receiver
    * Dimensions (WxDxH): 15 cm x 11 cm x 4.2 cm
    * Weight: 300 g
    * Internet Streaming Services: Netflix, YouTube, vTuner, Picasa, Flickr, RSS feeds
    * Digital Storage Media: Hard disc drive - 0 GB
    * Audio: Stereo
    * Remote Control: Remote control - infrared
    * Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

Technical Details
Main Specifications

    * Product Description: FreeAgent GoFlex TV - digital multimedia receiver
    * Product Type: Digital multimedia receiver
    * Dimensions (WxDxH): 15 cm x 11 cm x 4.2 cm
    * Weight: 300 g
    * Internet Streaming Services: Netflix, YouTube, vTuner, Picasa, Flickr, RSS feeds
    * Digital Storage Media: Hard disc drive - 0 GB
    * Audio: Stereo
    * Remote Control: Remote control - infrared
    * Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

Extended Specifications


    * Depth: 11 cm
    * Height: 4.2 cm
    * Product Type: Digital multimedia receiver
    * Weight: 300 g
    * Width: 15 cm

Audio System

    * Output Mode: Stereo


    * Connector Type: 1 x USB 2.0 ( 4 PIN USB Type A ) - rear ¦ 1 x component video output - rear ¦ 1 x composite video/audio output - rear ¦ 1 x Ethernet ( RJ-45 ) - rear ¦ 1 x HDMI output ( 19 pin HDMI Type A ) - rear ¦ 1 x SPDIF output ( TOS Link ) - rear


    * Optical Digital Output: Yes

Manufacturer Warranty

    * Service & Support Details: Limited warranty - 1 year
    * Service & Support: 1 year warranty

Network & Internet Multimedia

    * Connectivity: Wired
    * Functionality: Digital audio playback, digital photo playback, digital video playback, Internet radio playback
    * Network Protocols Supported: DHCP, IP


    * Type: External

Remote Control

    * Technology: Infrared
    * Type: Remote control


    * A/V System Recommended Use: Home
    * Features: Drivebay HDD compartment

System Requirements Details

    * System Requirements Details: Windows XP/Vista/7 ¦ MacOS X 10.4.11 - 10.5.6


    * Cables Included: Video / audio cable ¦ Component video cable ¦ Network cable ¦ SCART adapter ¦ USB cable

Please note : This is a genuine wanted swap. Let me know if you are interested.

Cheers, Alex. :)

C64 SD V2 by Manosoft ::

The future of media storage, is Secure Digital or SD for short. It is used almost everywhere and on every computer, even on the humble Commodore.

Currently there are three known SD card mediums around :

1. Retro Replay
2. Ultimate 1541
3. Chameleon 64

However, there is another product that you should be aware of ... It's the C64 SD by Manosoft !

Just like many of the other available Hardware that has SD reader capabilities, the C64 SD offers the ability to the following image formats : D64, PRG and P00. T64 isn't supported at the moment. The Hardware is based on SD2IEC.

The Workings ::

The C64 SD is ideally powered via the C2N Tape port and also uses the Serial port for Disk control on a Commodore 64 or VIC 20 and apparently the Plus/4. However, my tests have been done whilst using a Commodore 128 and because of the Tape port and Serial port arrangment, I am having to use power via a 9v Battery through a custom made Long DC Power Plug 2.5mm/5.5mm. Although, an external Power Adapter could be used that uses 5v with the correct polarity. ( further tests required )

There is also a through port that enables the use of a Serial Cable for Daisy chaining to another Disk Drive. I set the C64 SD to Device 9 and daisy chained it to an Excelerator+ Plus Drive ( Device 8 ). This proved useful when copying files and converting images.

All images can be loaded via two browsers :

CBM-Command ::

CBM-Command lets you copy Files to and from Images and real Disks. It also lets you convert a C64 Disk to D64 and vice versa.

Quite ingenious really, but a little slow. However, if you are only copying the odd disk or two, it's bearable.

Although, slow and somewhat clunky, this program is pretty good at doing what it's supposed to do ... Copy Files and convert from D64 to Disk and Disk to D64. ( please see Speed Transfer Trials )

Fibr :: ( site currently down )

Excellent for just loading Disk Images ( D64 ) or Files ( PRG ), ( PRG, ( P00 ).

Also, there is an additional program called :

Dra Copy ( site in German, but can be translated using Google Translate )

I haven't used this program properly, so there are no comments on this yet.

Speed Transfer Trials :

CBM-Command via C64 SD ::

D64 to Disk = 14-15 mins ( includes format )
Disk to D64 = 12 mins
File ( 192 blocks ) to Disk = 3:45
Disk ( 192 blocks  ) to File = 3:05

Star Commander via XA1541 v2 ( Turbo Transfer Setting ) ::

D64 to Disk = 2:24 mins ( includes format )
Disk to D64 = 1:45 mins
File ( 192 blocks ) to Disk = 0:56
Disk ( 192 blocks  ) to File = 0:57

These speeds might seem quite different, but I think if Jiffy DOS was applied in some way, the C64SD transfer rates might improve. So, further research and testing is required here.

L.E.D. ,Button and SD Card Information ::

Apart from the SD Card slot, there are three L.E.D's and two Buttons :

L.E.D.'s from left to right : Blue ( Read / Write ), Read ( Busy ) and Green ( Power )

Button's from left to right : Reset C64SD, Disk Swap

SD Card : Must be formatted as FAT16 ( upto 4GIG - clarification )

Summary ::

The review and undertakings might not have been as in depth as I originally wanted, but to be honest, I am very pleased with the C64SD. Okay, it might not be a good looking device like the competitors, but it is practical and it's workings deliver all that is needed. Well, for me anyway and perhaps you ? Maybe future software and firmware updates may deliver options for a Commodore SID Player and faster File and Disk Transfer. For the price of 60 Euros, it's really is a steal !

*** At the time of this review, the C64SD is currently - " Out of Stock ". ***

Please contact Manosoft for further information : email [ ] / www [ ]

*** News Update ***

New model available : C64SD Infinity : [ ]

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / C64SD ( just in - pending playtime )
« on: March 02, 2011, 08:52:15 PM »
Hi ! :)

Today the C64SD I ordered from : [ ] in Italy, arrived, at a price of about 60 EUROS.

This device is ideally for use with the C64 and Vic20, purely powered by the Tape Port. I am hoping to do a review of this device, but can't test it fully, as I don't having a 5v Adaptor with the correct Pin or a Battery Connector with the right Pin. I guess patience is required here ! :)

This could be an alternative device to the Chameleon or Ultimate II 1541, even at a more affordable price.

I currently own a C128, but can't test the C64SD, as the Tape port and Serial port are around the other way. Not sure why !?!

So, review pending ... :)

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