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CODING AREA / A couple of games in BASIC I worked on recently.
« Last post by DarrenColes on May 29, 2019, 02:19:45 PM »
Some people on a discord channel I am on decided to have a go at writing some very small retro games in BASIC.

First off we decided to go with seeing what we could do in 1K. After I attempted that we agreed that 1K was probably a bit too limiting so we decided to go with 2K.

I decided BBC basic was a good bet since I know it pretty well. I have attached the two games as plain text in .bas files (including a fully commented, unoptimised version of the 1k one) and a disc image containing the games.

Obviously don't expect too much given the limitations but I was very pleased with the result of the 2K one.
GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Re: Interesting stuff about NES carts
« Last post by DustinH on May 07, 2019, 11:03:52 AM »
There's that Nintendo innovation we all love. Very impressive piece of hardware.
RETRO SCENE OR GAMING NEWS . . . / Amiga Development System
« Last post by DarrenColes on May 01, 2019, 04:19:01 PM »
Amiga Love has obtained an early Amiga Dev system (machines sent out to developers prior to the actual release of the 1000) and made a video about it.

A huge collection of Infocom’s Text Adventure games is now available in their source code form on Github. Thanks to Jason Scott efforts, 45 games are now at anyone’s reach to be dissected

Great post Darren - I am (still) the same as you - much prefer the demoscene to the actual games themselves. ;)
CODING AREA / Acorn Electrom tape-to-disk conversion of Dujunz
« Last post by DarrenColes on April 14, 2019, 03:13:50 PM »
Someone over on stardot forum was asking for a tape to disk conversion of the Acorn Electron version of Dunjunz.

I spent a few hours working on the conversion and managed to get it working without too much difficulty.

I decided to put together a guide to how the conversion was done.

IF you have a reasonable grasp of 6502 it should not be too difficult to understand.
One of my favourite sites Flashtro has web browser based remakes of many of those cracktros from (mostly) the amiga scene.

Not to condone piracy but those intros often held my interest for as long as the games themselves.

In addition if you are interested in the mechanics of how those games were cracked theres a whole load of tutorials to explain how it was done but you will need a good grasp of assembler to understand them.

They also are still releasing trainers for some of the more recent amiga releases.
RETRO SCENE OR GAMING NEWS . . . / Turrican 2 - The Final Fight cover
« Last post by DarrenColes on April 10, 2019, 10:44:36 PM »
Banjo Guy Ollie takes on what is possibly one of the best and most well known Amiga tunes of all.
NEW MEMBERS - SIGN IN HERE PLEASE / Re: Introduction . . . to yourselves!
« Last post by AndyRCM on April 10, 2019, 08:57:02 PM »
Hi David
We open at 11.00am but will be around from 10.00am onwards. We have ample parking at the RCM HQ mate so no worries there. :)
Some nice kit there! ;)
NEW MEMBERS - SIGN IN HERE PLEASE / Re: Introduction . . . to yourselves!
« Last post by djrm on April 10, 2019, 08:39:11 PM »
Hi Andy,
As it happens I used to live in south Leicestershire although I live in North Yorkshire now. I'm going to try and visit on Sunday, what time are the doors open, is parking available nearby?

I've made a little list, I have an interest in these machines.
Hp calculator
Texas calculator
Munroe calculator
Commodore calculator
Royal calculator
Curta calculator
EE Deuce
Matmos (Trimuph Adler) CP/M
Jupiter ACE
Ohio C1P
Sinclair QL
DEC pdp-8f
DEC pdp-11
xbeaver Nascom Z80 emulator
FPGA Z80 emulator
FPGA PDP11 emulator
Tandata Prestel adapter
Minicom acoustic coupler / terminal

Some of the above I have working, others are just dreams.
Kind regards, David
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