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I freelance for Retro Gamer and can tell you now that the staff of the magazine are under a lot of pressure - remember that there's basically Darran and Stuart Hunt, and that's it - I think they even have to share their designer/proof reader with other Imagine Publishing magazines.

Darran has never told me what numbers the magazine shifts each month (and Imagine itself refuses to reveal monthly readership figures) but when you consider it's been running for over 40 issues since Live Publishing closed down and Imagine picked it up, I'd guess that it's doing enough business to be worth printing. :)

I have often toyed with the idea of submitting an article about my hobby of repairing arcade PCBs. Dya reckon I should? RG tend to shy away from technical stuff tho.

Was in Smiths earlier today and spotted that the new RG magazine collection no.4 bookazine is out if anyone is interested? It appears to cover best bits from Retro Gamer mag nos 35 - 54. @ £9.99



Had an email about this the other day but completely forgot. I think they make 2 books a year and for £9.95 there worth reading.


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