Open Day 15th Novemeber 2009 Reviews

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What better way than to spend my 41st birthday than at the Retro Computer Museum Open Day.

Thanks and congratulations Andy et al.

Highlight of the the day - explaining to a twenty something how to the high jump in Track and Field.

Lowlight of the day - Could not find a rubber keyed speccy.

Edit:-  Posted some Photos Here

All I can say about todays event is that you are really going to struggle to top that next time !

Many thanks to Andy, Linda and everyone else who contributed to make everything so enjoyable. Great variety of machines, loads of good games, food exceptional as always and as for the arcade room - wow !!! (even though the pinball and House of the Dead did relieve me of a few quid between them..)

What a brilliant day - hope you made loads of money for RCM !!!!

Got back about 10 minutes ago (thanks to Rinoa & Blackpanther for the lift there and back @ short notice) and have to hand it to the team - what a day.  Soooo many people to talk to that I knew and so many others that I've only met the one time before (plus loads of new faces).

Great turnout (the best amount of people through the doors, easily) and lots of fun.  Even I managed to get past round 1 of the Bomberman competition .. that was a shock!

Roll on the next one :)

thanks to all had a good day sorry i left early but just felt a bit bad

the best time i have was seeing ppl's face's when i turned the st upside down and used it as a lap table the arcade room was superB

bad thing was being beaten by rinoa agen

thanks to andy and linda and the rest a very good day

Just echoing others really :)
Great organisation, superb systems, great food, great arcade machines. Super day. Goes from strength to strength.

Thank you and well done to all involved.  :)


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