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For Sale - Atari 65XE with games
« on: September 24, 2008, 05:54:45 PM »
Hiya all,

The Atari 65XE Computer(yes it come with Tape recorder) is Excellent conditions. Atari white box is excellent conditions but the Atari Computer box Cover is abit tazzy on the top.

The games I have are

Dragonus ( my fav game)
Zybex     (Excellent Scrolling shoot em up)
Joe Blade ( Excellent game)
BMX Simulators
compilation A ( Star raiders, asteroids, missile Command, centipede,airstrike 2)
compilation C ( Savage Pond, up up and away, cloak of the death, leaper, quest for eternity)
European Countiers and capitals
Eastern Front (1941)

it also come with Atari JOYSTICK!

All the games work very well even thought I havnt play all the game as the games I normally play are Zybex, Joe blade and dragonus  ;D

All that for 30 pounds!
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