Stuff I (as in everyone who's visiting) mustn't forget to bring to RCM Oct. 2010

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Ach - you know the drill.

My MMC Replay to use and also to test with a JiffyDOS enabled C64
Gamecube Memory card for 1200xl (and cash for his Wii)
That 'other' NDS disc x 10 (might do some more) :)
Hard-drive with assorted bits and bats on for Stiggy :)
NAS Drive for AndyRCM choc full of goodies
More Lipton Ice beachballs for use as prizes for what-nots and I'll probably win at least one of the buggers back :)
My camera - a few shots using the miniature mode from the stage will be required :)
Other odds & sods that I've recently picked up which will be donated to RCM (and are secret for now!)
Discs of samples/loops for Scarlet & Max.
Jag CD unit plus the donation of the two Jag CD games from SH3-RG and a small tub of Jag CD discs to test.
Out Of This World game - so you can see my graphical 'prowess' from 1986/87 on an Amstrad :)
Blank 5.25" disks for Max - notched & formatted for a C64.
NDS Music Rips update for Scarlet and MaxHall (and anyone else who wants a set?)
N64 rumble pack (AndyT) if he's not found one by then ... still looking for it :)
iPad 'demo' discs for AndyT

Bring back
Wii and Gamecube joystick from 1200xl
Amiga 4000 and ZX Spectrum (from RCM Vaults)
ZX Spectrum SCART lead from Phu
Nokia phone power packs from PhoenixTLB
VGA -> Composite (or whichever way around it is) from AndyT

Don't forget the Mega STe you promised me  :)


--- Quote from: Blackpanther on September 27, 2010, 08:09:22 PM ---Don't forget the Mega STe you promised me  :)

--- End quote ---

Nice try :)

A N64 rumble pack if you can fine one.

Wii and Gamecube joystick MugUK
HcX Sir Morris
Money from Mug and AndyT (and anyone else that wants to give me some cash)
Collect some yellow stuff from SK for Retr0brighting and some RAM from Panther
PS2 and Modbo4 for SK to solder in for me


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