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Retro Computer Accessories
« on: September 05, 2011, 05:51:50 PM »

Well as you know I have now put some of my computers on EBAY, they are all starting at just 99p, so please grab a piece of computing history and keep it out of land fill, for the younger generation to enjoy...

However I have some very special pieces on computer Accessories on sale now also..

Ford Motor Company Blank 5.25 Floppy discs. These are very rare indeed and are still sealed, apart from the 1 in the picture that I needed to open for you to all see. Not just computing history but also car history, any Ford collector would want these because they could not buy these, until now...

Now for all you retro computer users I have a fantastic offer 3 yes 3 Mannesmann Tally printers with 3 x new ink ribbons and 3 x instruction manuals. The printers are untested, that is why I am selling as a job lot. LOCAL PICK UP FOR these due to their weight, they are from lates 70's to early 80's and went with the WANG computers.

If you want the Wang computers also, they are here...

Thank you for your time, I would like these items goto real collectors... So please pass on this thread as items only have 10 days left...