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Our Museum at the moment is only online - I wil be adding more machines onto our front page soon - It will definately take us up to almost 100 (if not more!). The reason we don't have a real museum is we are really struggling to find premises big enough to do both the Museum and also the Wheat Free Tea Room. If you can imagine this, 100 or so computers and consoles with either monitors or tvs on tables, accessible to all! The room that needs alone would be massive! Then add in the bits that go with these, such as joysticks, printers etc. phew!!!! Scary isnt it! Then add onto that again . . . tables and chairs for customers to sit and have a coffee, tea or a piece of cake etc, then add in a good sized kitchen! Then also add onto that toilets . . . then last but not least . . . car parking!!! We are aiming to eventually do this BUT - money, location and timing are all a deciding factor! Location wise we are hoping to have it somewhere in the East Midlands, UK. You will all be the first to know any developments regarding this.


Andy and Linda

How many square metres or square feet do you think you'll need?

It's all squares with me this week  ;D

Good luck with this venture....

I am a member of Museum Of Computing in Swindon.  We at the moment don't have a display room but we have many machines in storage.

We used to used to be at University of Bath in Swindon but it sadly withdrew from the town.

We may resurface in time with a mobile exhibition. Just thought i would wish you best of luck with this... solidarity and all :)

Our website is still up at



Can you tell us what's the latest with the 'Pong to Playstation' exhibition mentioned on your site ? I saw this on the Expositionis site a while ago and it says that it will be on tour again next year, but with no venues detailed. Is this still going ahead, canned or TBA do you know ?

At the moment its all up in the air.  We have our stuff in storage at the moment.  We are negotiating with various people to see if we can get the "Pong to Playstation" exhibit into a mobile concept and take it on the road.  Obviously it means we will have to scale it down to accommodate such.

When we get more announcements I am sure we will put it news of it up on the site.

Well I will considering I am the Web Editor :D



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