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The guy who collects C64 cassettes (Emran) popped around last Sunday and I filled his car boot up with stuff.   He's going to sort me out with a PC due to my current one being in the knackers yard.  A replacement motherboard and processor has been sought for it, so I can get it working again, but it's now 3 weeks without my "big box under the TV".  Good job I've got my steam-powered laptop ("Ivor") to tide me over.

His car boot ended up with 4 x of those over-sized Farm Foods / Lidl bags full to the brim of stuff.  I end up with a couple of empty shelves and he sorts me out a more modern PC.   The current PC that's in bits can go live at Eleanor's house so that she can set up a proper desk and use that for doing her eBay stuff on.

I'll finally get around to going to Windows 8.1 with 64-bit and oodles of memory.

I think I've got all the boxes out that had all my C64 stuff in .. although there could be more.

There's oodles of C64 originals (99% on disk) and then there's the two boxes of 'homebrew' from various sources (mostly from one guy in Germany though).  I really need to sort out a purchase of ZoomFloppy to make headway on these.  Imaging these up via an old X1541 device will take years and years :(

After sorting out almost all of my C64 stuff (into much neater boxes), I've taken the plunge and ordered a ZoomFloppy.  Hopefully it will be a *lot* easier (and quicker) to start making images up of the C64 disks that I've acquired/bought/been donated over the years.

Now on the look out for two replacement PSUs for my 1541-II drives. 

Or does someone know how to create (or is selling) the replacement ones using the correct laptop power-supply (like I have for my Kryoflux) and a Molex->4 pin lead?


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