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Lots and lots and lots of boards for sale (S-100)
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:13:39 PM »

Just dropping by to pass this onto you. 

I'm in the UK, and have just listed a lot of S100 boards on eBay.  There is one lot of 26x boards, along with 3x 8" floppy drives and various other bits & bobs.  There is also an original IMSAI 8080 (MPU-A) board in a separate listing. 

I've just spent half an hour looking through vintage computer websites, and this post has been posted to around 6 different sites - I'd like to see the boards go to someone who will get some use outas of them! 

Hopefully, someone might even get some use out of the listing, as every board is pictured and written up.  The images of the boards can be found at the following link (the rest of the images are within the listings).

I'm more than happy to send the boards worldwide, so get in touch (via eBay), if you need a quote. 

Bundle of boards is eBay item number 320772771021

IMSAI 8080 is eBay item number 320772762152

Thanks guys - all the best,


NB - I have been requested to split the large lot into single listings, so I've just spent the night sorting them all out. 

The entire collection can be found at the following link;

These all have a 99p start with worldwide postage available - These will all finish between 19:30 - 21:00 GMT Next Monday (17th Oct).