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... Dead Pixel Invaders for Android ...

In a quest for pixel perfection, you must destroy the imperfect dead pixels within your monitor.

This will then restore the balance and harmony for the ultimate visual pleasure.

Here is a YouTube Video of the 'complete' version of 'Dead Pixel Invaders' for Android.

The 'MENU' is fairly straight forward to use and understand with 'PLAY', 'CREDITS', 'OPTIONS', 'PODIUM' and 'POWER BUTTON' to Quit Game.

'PLAY' - Simply 'Select' a desired unlocked level.
'CREDITS' - Where everyone has their name in lights and is credited.
'OPTIONS' - 'Music' and 'Sound Effects' can be turned 'OFF' and 'ON', plus 'ERASE' will 'Lock' all levels, apart from level 1. The 'High Score' currently will remain.
'PODIUM' - Simply displays 'High Score', 'Last Level Played' and 'Last Stage Unlocked'.
'POWER BUTTON' - Closes and exits game.

'HOME' and 'BACK' Button on your Android device will also close and quit the game.

Game Play :

The controls are easy, simply touch the screen left to move left and right to move right. Your base with auto-fire so you will won't need an extra control for this. During game play, you will be able to 'PAUSE' the game by pressing the 'II' icon in the top right hand area of the screen. Pressing the 'II' icon again will return to the game or you will be able to return to the 'MENU'.

Features :

- 25 Levels of Shoot'em up Action
- Five Stages with different 'Invader' intelligence
- Bonus Points for Invaders destroyed
- Auto Loading and Saving of 'Completed Stages', 'High Scores' and 'Levels'
- Original Music and Sound Effects by Chris 'Infamous' Bailey

Available on Android 2.2 and above from Google Play Store @ 0.50 GBP ( other countries currencies will be listed )

Now available in 'Lite' for *FREE* !

Search for : Alex Aris Games or Dead Pixel Invaders on your Android Device ( Phone or Tablet )

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game upon purchasing it ! :)
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Re: Android : Dead Pixel Invaders ( photos and video )
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2012, 09:17:29 PM »
after playing this (several times) I can honestly say it is superb! :) Nice work (as always) Alex! :)

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