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RCM HQ news . . .
« on: June 23, 2013, 10:41:26 PM »
Welcome to the first newsletter for 2013 from the RCM?HQ - just some small updates to keep you in the ‘know’!

In July it will be the Retro Computer Museum’s 5th Birthday and to celebrate we are having a party!
Unfortunately July has turned out to be a very busy month so we will be putting the party back until the middle/end of August.
We will be posting details on the RCM website and of course on our Facebook page!
One thing we can guarantee is that it will be a Retro Gaming Party you will never forget! Places will be limited so make sure you keep an eye out for details.

RCM HQ news
As from the end of June the RCM?HQ will have broadband access - this will be very limited until it changes over to fibre optic later in the year. It will mainly be for use by RCM staff to continue to log our  systems/software etc.

We have ascertained that we need at least a dozen more of the black ‘Billy’ shelving units (available from Ikea - £35 each) - if anybody would like to help us out financially that would be great - as you can imagine once these are available we can clear a massive amount of books/magazines and software from the main storage rooms to give us more space for hardware.

Sunday openings
As you may have noticed - the RCM?HQ has been shut over the last few weekends - this is down to several reasons - the main one being time! The museum itself at the moment is a little messy - the main area is still accessible but unfortunately  the rest is pretty much a no go area. We will be working hard to open again regularly on Sundays as soon as possible.

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