Topic: An ultra-rare NUON Enhanced DVD Player (aka JAGUAR 3) for Christmas?  (Read 1916 times)

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Hi folks,

in late 2001, early 2002 SAMSUNG used Switzerland as a test market for the ARIES3 based N504 NUON Enhanced DVD Player. This is the more developed PAL/Region2/230V version of the much more common N501 NTSC/Region1/110V unit which was sold in the US. The front panel looks like the N501 (having two controller ports), the back panel has SCART (AV), Analog Audio L/R, Video Out, S-Video Out, Digital Audio Out Optical and Digital Audio Out Coaxial.

As I’m Swiss, a JAGUAR/NUON enthusiast since day one and a collector I came across quite a few of those beasts over the last decade. Analysing the serial numbers off all units I’ve seen so far I estimate that only about 1500 units were made and sold. They are ultra-rare!

On my old school JAGUAR/NUON webpage are 3 easter-eggs (hidden links). Two of them show my stockpile of N504 units. Explore even if you can’t read/understand the German. Here’s the link:

I regularly take one of my spares to the E-JAGFEST where we enjoy playing Tempest 3000, Iron Soldier 3, Merlin Racing and other games. This year I was asked by some friends if I could sell my spares. I’ve made my mind and decided that it’s time to let them go. Two are already gone to German JAGUAR community friends. Currently I have two spare units (player, remote control) left. Both are fully functional and in great optical condition. Both units have been codefree enabled and now play both region 2 and 1 DVDs. Here are two pictures of those systems:

I don’t want to list the remaining units in ebay (fees and hassle) but would accept enquiries from community members by PM. Based on the number and type of enquiries I will then make an offer.

Make yourself a present and get one of those ultra-rare gems. Great for both collectors and gamers. Once those are gone it is very unlikely any more coming to surface.

Cheers, Urs

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Re: An ultra-rare NUON Enhanced DVD Player (aka JAGUAR 3) for Christmas?
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 03:46:00 PM »
No component-video? My Samsung N501 has component-video, which makes it easy to run on modern TVs, even though it's an NTSC machine.