Topic: New PC ordered - might be able to play some of the more h/w heavy MAME ports :)  (Read 1829 times)

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Took the plunge and, for the first time in my adult life, bought a brand new PC.

The hassles of the last 6 weeks or so have forced my hand due to a lack of a decent PC to get anything done.  My 'Ivor The Engine' laptop takes 5 minutes just to get to the BIOS screen these days!

I've ordered an AMD FX 8350 Octa-Core processor based machine, complemented with 16Gb of RAM, a 2TB h/drive and 2Gb of GFX card RAM.  Should make my life a lot easier when it's here and set up.

The old machine (that I killed off in the process of a CPU upgrade) will be relegated to be a "Kryoflux" device (and a Zoom Floppy one when I finally order a card).  That should keep it ticking over without looking bored.  Saves it sitting in a Farm Foods bag as it currently is :)

What's the heaviest h/ware MAME games that I can do some play testing with?   I'm more than a bit out of touch with which games are the power-crazy ones.