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Hello friends of RCM,
We try not to bother you too often regarding monetary problems. However, this time we feel it is needed and justified.
We were expecting payment from the Charity Giving consortium that took a lot of charities money back in 2013. The sum involved at this point doesn't really matter, all we know is that we should have received this payment by the end of last year but unfortunately this hasn't come through and the rent etc is due on the 22nd February. Again the figure isn't that important - what is more important is that we simply do NOT have all of the money to pay for the rent.
If anybody out there can donate something to help us out that would be great. If everybody could donate something that would be fantastic. The only thing we ask is that you donate (if you can) through our Virgin Money Giving page - that way we get an extra 25% on top of what you give through Gift Aid.

We, the committee, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please if you can donate - it really will make a massive difference.

The RCM team.

Disappointing that they still haven't paid the donations out. Anyway I'm happy to do what I can to support. I don't want you guys to close :(

We WILL NEVER close mate* - just things are tight at the moment.


Hi Andy. Sorry to hear that things are tight at the moment but if you are ever overloaded with something that you may want to get rid of then I would be happy to buy it! If not I am hoping to come next Sunday with a friend if you are open then. Thanks, Jack!

Hi Jack,
Do you mean this Sunday - if so - yes we are open.
If you mean next Sunday (15th) - then no - we are holding an event at Snibston for the entire weekend.



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