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ZX Spectrum +2
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:43:57 PM »
Hi all!

Just dug out child hood memory's from the attic when helping clearing it for my parents.

ZX Spectrum +2, I dug out the cables from the box and got it hooked up to an old tv and to my shock it worked and loaded the game I put in!

Really brings back my child hood sat waiting for it to load with the annoying noises. However it will probably just end up in another attic or sat in a box so does anyone know of any collectors or the best way to sell it where it will get some use and not just collect dust somewhere? Are they even worth any money?

It's got the original manual (and original insurance upsell leaflet). Two joy sticks (one Sinclair branded). 35 games, power cord, aerial cord and my mothers notes on the dizzy games of what she discovered to do! Didn't know she even played it must of been when we were at school.

List of games in no order:
Dizzy collection box
   Dizzy fast food
   Dizzy fantasy world
   Dizzy treasure island
   Dizzy magic land
Postman pat 3
Crazy cars 2
Oh mummy
Ian bothams test match
A ticket to ride
Horace goes skiing
Double dragon 2
Crazy golf
Magnificent 7 march 1992
Magnificent 7 April 1992
Magnificent 7 may 1992
Magnificent 7 June 1992
Magnificent 7 July 1992
Magnificent 7 Aug 1992
Soul of a robot
Lunar tetman
Disco Dan
Atv simulator
Trailblazer ricochet
Alien destroyer
Treasure island
Molecule man
Ski simulator
Witchfiend/odd job Eddie
Chuckle egg/tribble trubble(looks like a copy no box).
Up & add'em fisher price

I've taken a few pictures of it all:

Thanks for reading!
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