Fundraise for RCM by recyling


The Twins:
 RCM can receive cash when we send in recyclable items. The list below show you what we can collect.

Basically we want :-
Any brand (from cleaning products)
plastic bottle trigger heads
empty cleaning wipe packets
plastic air freshener cartridges
pumps/caps from home cleaning products (eg washing up liquid tops)

Any Brand Sweet biscuits wrappers
Any Brand Multipack sweet biscuit wrappers, plus the inner wrappers

Any brand Baby food pouches.

Any brand personal care and beauty packaging :-
face wipe packaging
face mask packaging
personal care plastic pots and tubes (eg hand cream tubes etc)
roll on deoderant bottles
hair colour kits except cardboard boxes
personal care product packaging caps, lids, pumps and trigger spray heads.

If they could be collected over a period of time and dropped off at RCM HQ or our house that would be great. (Please PM for our address if you don't know it  :D ) No need to sort them if bringing to RCM that can be done when I send them off.

Happy Collecting.

The Twins:
In addition to the  recycling campaigns listed above we are now also collecting :-

All wet pet food pouches
All pet treat flexible plastic packaging and pouches
All dry food flexible plastic packaging (no paper packaging)

Any brand of used toothbrushes
Any brand of toothpaste tubes and caps
Any brand of toothbrush outer packaging
Any brand of toothpaste outer cartons
Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads.

Any brand of empty crisp packets.

Please get collecting and drop them off at RCM. You don't need to sort them they can be put in one bag/box. we will sort them.

The Twins:
We are also now collectiong Pringles tubes, plus the lid and the foil seal. Must be pringles, no other brands.
Thank you

Further to this we have created this poster for circulation . . .

The Twins:
We are now also collecting :-

Bread bags (only the plastic bags from loaves, not rolls and not the waxed wrappers)

Pringles tubes and lids (no other brands allowed)

Kinder chocolate wrappers, aluminium foil wrappers, rigid plastic packaging and flexible plastic packaging (only Kinder brand)

All flexible plastic ring carriers used to hold cans.

We are no longer collecting the Spray trigger heads from cleaning products as they can now be recycled through local council kerbside collections.


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