Donations to the museum . . .


We have recently had lots of donations and I am going to use this thread to start documenting it.

Quite recently we had a huge donation - literally our biggest to date - unfortunately in VERY sad circumstances as they were donated by grieving parents. I won't name them or him in this thread but will eventually have something in place at the museum itself commemorating his life.

Included in the donation were the following (not an exhaustive list as that would take a very long time):

Atari Falcon
Atari Stacy2
Commodore SX64
Tatung Einstein
Sega Megadrive 2
2x NeXT Stations
6x Sharp MZ (various types)
5x Acorn (various types)
3x Sinclair ZX81
7x Sinclair Spectrums (various types)
2x Sinclair QL
5x Commodore Amiga (various types)
5x Commodore PET (various types)
3x Apple (various types)
5x Commodore (various types)

and lots of other systems, peripherals and of course games.


Last Saturday we had an Oric 1 donated along with a few books and 20 or so games - many of which we didn't have.
On Sunday we had a boxed Amstrad PC1512 with everything with it. Also on Sunday many PC related bits and bobs too from another donation.



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