RCM Open Day?

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Who would be interested in an Open Day at a local (to me) Community Hall, we are thinking sometime in late October/early November ish.

When I say Open Day I mean a hands on retro experience with some of the many consoles/computers we have?
There would be a small charge payable, although this would be just to cover the cost of the hall.
Around 20 or so computers/consoles will be on display and most/all will be able to be played on.
Linda will be making cakes and we will also be serving refreshments, again unfortunately with a small charge.

Anybody interested? Let me know in this thread.

I will also need a couple of people to help and hopefully to bring some stuff with them such as computers/monitors etc. Any takers for this (PM me if you can help!)

Andy and Linda

Count me in matey - I have several systems I can bring along - Might be an idea to get some people who are happy to loan old telly's for the cause, as I have many systems, but only a couple of TV's/Monitors?

Mikey's likewise mate - he's a very helpful chap, and has nice examples of the rarer stuff (Vectrex's, Oric, etc)....

Like I say, count me in for helping out!  (As long as I get one of those cakes I've heard so much about lol!)    ;D

Good man for trying to get something organised mate! - RF08's only just finished, but I need another Retro Fix!!!!   :D


Whoops.... maybe I should have PM'd that like you asked  lol!

Still, we can all see what the response is like if it's public...    ;D

Cool matey - that would be great - I will try and find some more tvs and the like . . . i think maybe a c64 running demos would be great. like you did at rf08? Do you agree?


Damn straight matey - you gots'ta have demos!!...    :D

Seriously though, it seemed to go down great mate - had a LOT of people comment even when the place was packing up, and I only got the chance to show some of them!

Failing that, Mikey and I were going to record some of the best stuff to play in a DVD player, and that could play next to the C64 itself if pushing the demos on manually proves to be unworkable?

...but like you said - there are some AMAZING C64 demos out there, and people who have an ounce of nostalgia for the C64 should really check 'em out, if only to see what the machine is capable of besides those games! - so I'm game for bringing the setup along...   ;D


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