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Just wanted to update this thread to confirm I have now bought two Acorn Archimedes A3000's and an Acorn Archimedes A3020 on eBay, I've not tested them yet as am in the middle of decorating but they should be fine  ;D

Unfortunately I fell asleep last night and missed out on buying a RiscPC I had been tracking for a week on eBay, it was a StrongArm with 486 card and sold for only £21 with collection in London... bugger, lol

Will keep searching for a RiscPC as then that'll be my Acorn collection complete.


Oh nice, so think I try to find an A3020 then upgrade it to 4MB ram and solid state HD, then get a Risc PC and that'll be my Acorn collection complete... for now :-)

Do you know, that a few years after arriving in London shortly before the year 2000 I went along with a friend to a computer auction company that had fortnightly auctions of ex-council or ex-education or business hardware and this is where I first seen a Risc PC... I had no idea what they were until I got home that evening and Googled.

But the kicker is that at that time the hall was full of literally hundreds of Risc PC's and the autioneer could not sell them for even £10 each as no one was buying them... maybe they didn't know what they were at the time just like me... if only I could turn back the clock!


I've read that some owners of the A3000 series could upgrade their CPU's to ARM3's so I'm guessing the A5000 could run anything the A3000 series and all Archimedes prior to these could... and what you're saying is then Acorn changed their ARM architecture from 26bit to 32bit with Risc PC's?

So to run everything I'd need a Risc PC and an A5000.

I can't believe I grew up always wanting an Archimedes A3000 being an Atari ST owner and then having no knowledge of the following machines such as the A5000 and Risc PC's... I grew up in Cornwall before coming to London and they just never had any magazines for Risc PC's in the shops so no idea they existed, lol...

It's a real shame Acorn went tit's up and PC's became dominant as I'm sure Risc PC's would have wiped the floor with them if they were still around... at least ARM architecture dominates the planet outselling Intel chips ten fold per year and when they launch ARM based laptops I'll be buying one for sure; Microsoft have already ported most of their software in house to ARM architectures in rediness for the hardware to hit the shelves and Linux has supported ARM since for ever :-)

I can't wait to get the renovating out of the way in my house as my Retro collection is getting bigger now and I haven't even turned any of them on yet apart from an Atari STE for 15 minutes to show the kids Black Lamp; and I have so much equipment in boxes ready to setup an electronics lab which will be fun.

I better get on with some work now as am in the office :-P

By for now, James...

Hi Richard,

Please hold on to it for now as I'm sure another retro collector will come along searching for one, hopefully the one coming my way in the post is not dead on arrival; I'm still looking for an A3020 and A3010 though as I'm guessing I'll then be able to play most of the Archimedes games on the A3010 and more demanding applications on the A3020?

Would it be worth me getting a Risc PC do you think as I have no idea about the volume of archimedes software available or the software requirements so not best placed to guess what machines I'd need to be able to run 99% of Archimedes software?



Just a quick update on my search for an Acorn A3000 series computer.

I was Googling and found a link to a guy who posted an A3000 for sale in Gumtree over 6 months ago and just on the off chance I messaged him and he still had it so he's boxed it up and posted it for an all inclusive price of £20, woo hoo!

Also I found a Turtle for the Archimedes just like the BBC used to have turtles in school, except that the Archimedes one is wireless; it comes with manuals, Logo language, disks etc and cost me £35 on eBay, I did try to buy an original BBC turtle on eBay over 2 months ago but got out bid, haha.

Also when I was searching eBay I bought an Atari 520STFM for £1.04 and popped around to the guys house to collect it in London so didn't cost me anything in delivery so quite chuffed that I bought a retro computer for only £1.04... new lowest record price for me :-)

Still searching for an A3010 and A3020 though, and also a Risc PC would be fantastic but they sure do sell for a lot on eBay when they pop up!

Have a great weekend.


Thanks for the quick replies :-)

I bought 2 BBC Masters from eBay recently as they are great computers so that after I have finished some decorating in the house my 2 sons can have them setup in their rooms to learn programming and play some games on real computers with build in BASIC like we used to have before PC's.

I've always wanted an Archimedes myself as when young I was an Atari ST guy and most friends only had Atari's or Amiga's but no one could afford Archimedes, lol... but as well as finally getting what I desired in my youth I figure it would be awesome for my kids to use Archimedes also.

I'm very gratefull for the offer of the A3000 and will send you a PM shortly :-)

I'm eager to build a nice retro collection so please keep the offers coming :-P

Cheers, James - London, UK

P.S. I'm also very interested in coming to the Museum when it opens to the public.


I just found this site by Googling for an Acorn Archimedes A3000, A3020 or A3010, think I missed a sale on here recently but if anyone has one of these or knows someone with one and wants to sell it please contact me as I'm looking for a nice computer with built in BASIC like this to teach my primary school aged kids how to program and play retro games.

It will go into my retro computer collection along with my BBC Masters, Spectrum 128k, Amiga's, Commodore 64's, Amstrad CPC6128, Atari ST and will be well cared for in it's retirement :-P

Cheers, James...


I just found this site by Googling for an Acorn Archimedes A3020 or A3010, think I missed a sale on here recently but if anyone has one of these or knows someone with one and wants to sell it please contact me as I'm looking for a nice computer with built in BASIC like this to teach my kids how to program and play retro games.

Cheers, James...

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