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Hi there, I'm acidburn7683 but please call me Scott  ;)

I live in a small village in Leicestershire called Sapcote, I'm 26 soon to be 27 on the 7th of June  >:(

I suppose I got into the whole arcade scene back in the late 80's / early 90's when we used to visit the arcades on our holidays to Saltfleet a little village a few miles away from Mablethorpe.  Saltfleet had a small amusements that was mainly used for bingo.  I remember playing such games as Michael Jacksons Moonwalker, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, 1942 and Continental Circus, just to mention a few, when we drove to the surrounding seaside towns like Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes and ingoldmells there were plenty more machines to spend my pocket money on.....moving forward another 15 or so years I started to buy retro consoles from the local carboot sale (Croft Carboot) it was great to re-live my youth and play on the consoles that I used to own as a lad so then I thought how much fun would it be to have my very own arcade machine something that when I was younger I thought only millionaires could afford!  I had tinkered about with MAME a little in the past so naturally it wasn't long until I stumbled on JAMMA I then joined the Jamma+ and Arcade Otaku forums and since talking to members of these forums I have learned alot but still have much to learn I've had and sold a few machines.

Machines I've had and sold:

Video Maker 19" Jamma Cab
OK Baby Japanese Candy Cab Jamma
SEGA New Astro City Japanese Candy Cab

Cabs that I currently own:

Blue Video Wizard Jamma Cab I've installed a Mame PC / JPAC / ArcadeVGA
Orange Video Wizard which I have installed  a 22" Lcd Screen and a 60-in-1 PCB
Dedicated Sega OutRun Mini arcade machine (Purchased from a local collecter Chris aka (Bods)
this machinerequired a little bit of restoring but now looks fantastic!!

Machines I want:

SEGA  Afterburner upright
SEGA Space Harrier Upright or sitdown deluxe
SEGA OutRun Sitdown Deluxe
Nintendo Donkey Kong dedicated Cocktail or Upright

Well I look forward to speaking to you all any questions just give me a shout! I will try and get some pictures up soon!!   ;D

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