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Thanks for the reply, Dave. I don't know for certain that it's 1982. I'm deducing that from the name. The 77-68 appeared in 1977 and used a 6800. It sort of follows that the
82-02 would have been published in 1982, and it definitely used a 6802. All I have is a photocopy or print of page 5 (and I can't lay my hands on that right now).

I'm sure it came after the 77-68 and I've looked at page 5 of all the more recent available ACC newsletters without finding it.

Best regards,

John G4EDX

Hi All,

Just retired and excavating the spare room, I found one page (photocopy) of an article from the ACC Newsletter about the 82-02, a very simple 6802 machine
from (presumably) 1982. I have the circuit diagram and a bit of the text, but I'd like to have the whole article.

Does the museum have copies of the ACC Newsletter from that era? If so I'm guessing that photocopying isn't permitted and the present Covid situation makes the
originals inaccessible for now. No great hurry, but if anyone can point me in the direction of an archive I'd be grateful.

Best regards,


« on: January 16, 2020, 08:41:40 AM »
Hi All,

I'm John in Notts. I started my micro-journey with a PMOS SC/MP in the 1970s (Elektor project) with LEDs and switches and 256 bytes of RAM. Then I built an MK14. I got hold of the circuit diagrams for a Nascom 1 (Z80) and built a copy on several boards in a 19 inch rack, all wire-wrapped. For the character generator I used an EPROM, working out the bit patterns on graph paper and programming them in using a Stag PP28. Since then a few "real" Nascom 1s and a Nascom 2 have come my way, waiting for the day when I have time to restore them.

Much more recently I've built a copy of the COSMAC ELF which is a lot of fun. I'm still a SC/MP fan and I've started building a SC/MP-based computer which will have a front panel rather like the Altair 8800, roughly based on the Electronics Australia SCAMP Mini.

I heard about the museum from Andy C and the Nascom group. I'm looking forward to meeting a few new faces on the 29th Feb.


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