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« on: February 19, 2012, 09:35:55 PM »

My name is Rog, 42 from North Warwickshire.

I've been interested in computers and gaming since the early 80's when I would sit with my cousin typing in games from listings in magazines on his Acorn Electron.
I progressed to a computer of my own soon after when I had a Spectrum 48k for Christmas after convincing my parents that it would help with my homework  ;D
I still have the Spectrum in my loft, complete with it's Saga Emperor keyboard and a couple of boxes of tapes.

I've owned a number of systems since, including The Atari STFM and an Amiga 600 (still have) before progressing on to PC's (of which there have been too many to count).
I'm mainly a computer gamer but I have owned a couple of consoles too, I currently have a PS3 and a Wii sitting under the TV, I also own a GP2X and have a couple of old Gameboys knocking around somewhere too.

I love arcade games and I built a full size Mame cabinet from scratch a few year back but had to get rid of it when my second daughter came along and kicked me out of my playroom study to make room for a nursery (curse my fertile loins). I still have all of the hardware though and I'm thinking of building a half scale cab for the kids to mess around on as a future project.

I'm an Engineer by trade and did a stint as an arcade machine engineer back in the 90's working on fruit machines, pins and video games and just about anything else that takes coins for amusement.

Anyway, that's enough boring details about me, I'm looking forward to taking part in this community and hope to get to know you all soon.

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