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RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Everybody Tweet Lord Sugar
« on: April 27, 2020, 09:53:43 AM »
We have come across a news story thet Lord Sugar wants to get hold of old Amstrads and build a museum!!

If everyone could send him a tweet and tell him about RCM he may get the message that it is not needed and he would be better off injecting his cash into RCM instead.

We are counting on you.

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / My Donate closing
« on: January 22, 2019, 12:53:02 PM »
The My Donate charity site is closing in June 2019.  :(

We are going back to Virgin Money giving as we are already registered with them and currently out of all the other charity sites it seems to be the best. There are some lesser known ones that appear to offer more, but they are small by comparison and we don't want to change again if all goes wrong.

If those of your who have a regular donation set up on My Donate wish to carry on contributing please could you go to :- and set up your donation.

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past and to everyone who will donate in the future.

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Fundraise for RCM by recyling
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:55:08 AM »
 RCM can receive cash when we send in recyclable items. The list below show you what we can collect.

Basically we want :-
Any brand (from cleaning products)
plastic bottle trigger heads
empty cleaning wipe packets
plastic air freshener cartridges
pumps/caps from home cleaning products (eg washing up liquid tops)

Any Brand Sweet biscuits wrappers
Any Brand Multipack sweet biscuit wrappers, plus the inner wrappers

Any brand Baby food pouches.

Any brand personal care and beauty packaging :-
face wipe packaging
face mask packaging
personal care plastic pots and tubes (eg hand cream tubes etc)
roll on deoderant bottles
hair colour kits except cardboard boxes
personal care product packaging caps, lids, pumps and trigger spray heads.

If they could be collected over a period of time and dropped off at RCM HQ or our house that would be great. (Please PM for our address if you don't know it  :D ) No need to sort them if bringing to RCM that can be done when I send them off.

Happy Collecting.

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / We need a bigger boat
« on: August 20, 2017, 02:14:01 PM »
We are fundraising to help with getting another Unit for RCM purely to be used for storage.

This will enable RCM HQ to open more rooms to the public, increasing the hands on experience to all those who visit.

If you think you could help please click on the link
and donate away  :)

Many thanks.

GAMING EVENTS - OPEN DAYS 2016 / Halloween Sunday
« on: October 25, 2016, 01:15:37 PM »
This Sunday we will be having our own Halloween themed opening.

Any child that visits us between 11am-5.30pm and who is dressed up in a  Halloween costume will receive a small treat from the guys at RCM. (They must be accompanied by an adult).

(Sorry adults this is just for the kids, although you can dress up if you wish :) )

OFF TOPIC / Unit S1 new Tenants
« on: October 10, 2016, 09:16:43 PM »
Together against Cancer, the new tenants of Unit S1 are having a grand opening on Saturday.

If you are free, why not pop down.

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Bank Holiday Monday
« on: August 21, 2016, 11:56:29 AM »
We will be open Bank Holiday Monday from 11.30am til 4.30pm.
(Closed Sunday due to an external event)

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / *************FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL***************
« on: June 14, 2016, 09:52:32 AM »
*************FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL***************
Visit us on Sunday and ALL Father's will get in free when accompanied by a paying child/children!!!
Where else will you get this kind of fun for less than a fiver.
Open from 11am-5.30pm

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Transport help required for VR Machines
« on: June 01, 2016, 08:56:24 PM »
We have the opportunity to increase our collection of VR machines.
The 2 machines are being donated to us for free, the only snag is they are located in Calgary, Canada.
We have had a shipping quote to get them crated up and transported to Leicester and we need to raise £3950.
If anyone is able to help us bring these machines back to Leicester where they were made please do consider donating to help us realise this fantastic chance we have been given.
We can not offer much as a repayment,  but we can offer free tickets to visit the museum. Number of free tickets will depend on amount donated, 1 free ticket for every £10 donated.

We have set up a Go Fund Me page to try to raise as much of the money as we can.
It is a fantastic chance that we don't want to miss out on.

The link to our fundraising page is :-

If you can help, however small please do.
Thank you

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / New Fundraising for RCM. Save your rubbish !!
« on: February 13, 2015, 12:03:23 PM »
I have signed RCM up to receive cash when we send in recyclable items. New ones have been added to the list.

Basically we want :-
any plastic bottle trigger heads (from cleaning products)
any empty cleaning wipe packets
any plastic air freshener cartridges
any pumps/caps from home cleaning products (eg washing up liquid tops)

Any Brand Sweet biscuits wrappers
Any Brand Multipack sweet biscuit wrappers, plus the inner wrappers

We are also collecting :-

Coffee packaging - (coffee jar lids (not the jar), pouches from refillable packets, coffee bean packets)
Baby food pouches.

Please see the attachments for more information.

If they could be collected over a period of time and dropped off at RCM HQ or our house that would be great. (Please PM for our address if you don't know it  :D

I can also supply a pre-paid label for the biscuit wrappers and the cleaning products if anyone has a large amount to send  and they can go straight to Terracylce.

Happy Collecting.

January Booking offer.

Any 2 hour Private Hire/Birthday Parties booked and paid for before 31st January will receive a £10 discount.  The 2014 charges will apply to those bookings. After 31st January,the new 2015 charges will apply.
Any date in 2015 can be booked (subject to availability) to allow everyone to take up this offer.

 4 Day Easter Weekender @ Snibston
Friday 18th April - Monday 21st April
Event Details:
The Retro Computer Museum and Snibston Discovery Museum once again join forces to bring you a long weekend of retro gaming goodness on the 18th to 21st April, starting at 11.00 am and finishing at 4.00 pm on all days.

This event based at Snibston Discovery Museum means there is plenty of alternative things to do, so an ideal day out for all the family!

Ticket prices:

Advance ticket prices are as follows

Adult Single Day £10.50 (£12.00 on door)
Adult Two Days £15.50 (£17.00 on door)
Adult Full Weekend £25.50 (£27 on the door)

Child Single Day £6.50 (£8.00 on door)
Child Two Days £9.50 (£11.00 on door)
Child Full Weekend £15.50 (£17 on the door)

If you click on the Virgin Money Giving button it will take you to our donations page. Click on make a donation on the right hand side then enter the amount you wish to pay for your ticket(s) in other - then you can either pay for them either by credit card or paypal. Please add in the message box the day(s) you require and the actual ticket type(s).

Contact details for the Retro Computer Museum:
07519 816283

Contact details for Snibston:
01530 278 444
Location Details:

Ashby Road, Coalville, Leicester, LE67 3LN

Public Transport Directions:

Get a train to Leicester - then walk cross the main shopping area to the St Margarets Bus Station (about 15 minutes walk) and get the 29/29A to Coalville. The venue is about 10 minutes walk up Ashby Road or you can change to the number 9 which will drop you off closer to the venue on Ashby Road.

GAMING EVENTS - OPEN DAYS 2014 / Superbyte - 13th September 2014
« on: October 30, 2013, 10:04:20 PM »
RCM will be attending Superbyte - again being held in Manchester.
Further details will be posted as  and when we hear about them!!!

The following are attending Snibston.
Saturday 26th October
1 - Alpesh Mehta (Adult)
2 - Yasunori Katase (Adult)
3 - Anton Pettinger (Adult)
4 - Anton Pettinger (Adult)

Staff in attendance
Simon M

Sunday 27th October
1 - Gary Hodgkinson (Adult)

Staff in attendance
Simon H

RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Charity Giving Website Suspended
« on: July 14, 2013, 10:57:31 AM »
We have been advised that the Charity Giving Website has been suspended pending investigation into the Trustees. Further information can be found in  the article below.

We are therefore asking all subscribers who had regular payments sent up to please revert back to d/d or s/o until we know how this affects us.
Bank details are  - HSBC, Sort Code  - 40-18-01,  Account Number - 41476475 if needed.

 As you can imagine this will have a serious affect on our cashflow as the payments made via Charity Giving were always paid  in arrears in monthly blocks. We are still awaiting May's donations, which should have been received 5th July.

Our next quarter's rent is due 22nd August so we are going to have to work hard to ensure we can cover this.

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