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RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Open day in sept at the new hq!
« on: July 23, 2011, 10:15:38 AM »

I woud like to come to the open day in sept ,



RCM GAMING EVENTS - OPEN DAYS 2009 / Feedback from May 31st
« on: June 11, 2009, 01:58:55 PM »

You starting a feedback and suggestion thread from the 31st day ?

As im sure people on here have a few ideas and suggestions !


Dear all,

Ive been thinking about the next retro day and here are a few ideas that id like feedback on ,which if positive andy could implement them.

Please forgive me if im repeating anyones ideas mind,


Would anyone be interested in a Pro evo competition? i could bring my xbox and a couple of controllers with pro evo on the hardrive and maybe we could get a small prize for the champ (also a whiteboard with scores would be good ) Which we could present at the end of the day with raffle winners etc etc

2.Beat em up Corner

- As mentioned before i also have marvel vs capcom ,streetfighter 2 and a mame roms set up on my xbox which i could bring and also set up a saturn next to it to play marvel vs capcom 1 ,also i could bring my capcom 6 button controllers for the xbox to make playing the games easier,also we could bring a ps2 tot he mix with the tekken games and maybe set up a competition as with the pro evo comp.

3. Kids room

A few kids were there last time which is good but maybe to stop them getting bored we could set up a room with games and say a dvd player to keep them occupied ?As not all kids are really into retro consoles lol

4.Food room

One of the front rooms could have the bar in it and tables for people to sit down and eat drink and be merry ,we could put a bin in there which i could keep an eye on to stop things getting to messy.

5.Stage area

Next time we could put tables across the stage wall and add more consoles as a few were underused last time round.

Any thoughts please ?


« on: November 19, 2008, 11:30:07 AM »
Dear all,

A big thank you to Andy and his family for organizing the show and to his family for putting on a great spread and making us all feel so welcome.

Heres to more events and to meeting more like minded retrobates.



ps any1 know how to upload photos to this forum? or goto vinny patel on facebook as theyre all on there.

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