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FOR SALE / WANTED / WANTED: Bread Bin C64 [Preferably dead]
« on: May 11, 2012, 10:09:52 PM »
This is for a project (but no mini-pc or raspberry-pi here  ;) ), so I'd rather gut a dead one than a working unit,  but if it is dead that the keyboard was at least working when it died.    Just looking for the main unit, I don't need cables etc.   Cosmetic condition isn't a problem either, as long as it's in one piece. 

GAMING . . . / The Humble Introversion Bunble
« on: November 29, 2011, 11:44:58 AM »
I'm sure at least a few members have already heard of The Humble BundIe, but as I mentioned this to a couple of people at the weekend that hadn't I thought I'd do a quick post. The current bundle has a bit of a retro feel, so stick with me  ;).  The concept is the Humble Bundle team collect together some indie games and offer them for sale as a job lot.  You pick how much you want to pay, and how the money is split between the Devs, the HB team , and the two supported charities.  The purchase window is limited, and currently has a week left to run.
All the details here:

The games I thought most appealing to people here are:

Darwinia: Think a tech version of settlers/C&C in a Tron-esque style.
Multiwinia: Muliplayer version of Darwinia, with added game mode like capture the flag, etc.
Uplink: Black-hat hacker simulator.
DefCon - "Let's play Global Thermonuclear war" - in a style inspired by the film War Games. Play against the computer or up 6 humans.  Don't like the way someone treated your Oric? Settle it with gentlemanly game of global destruction  :P 

All the games are cross platform for OS X, Linux (.deb, .rpm, .tar.gz), and Windows. The downloads are DRM-free,  and you can get keys for services like Steam where they are available. 

Sorry, no ZX81s this time  :D

Personally I have all the games I'm interested in, but I'm grabbing this anyway for a few bucks just for the Steam keys and the option of playing Darwinia and Uplink on my Linux netbook. 

- Lee

PS.  Just so there is no confusion, I'm not connected with these companies in anyway shape or form, just spreading the word.  :)

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