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Thought I better say Hi.  :)

My name is Andy (the one in the back of the picture) and I have a nasty habit of saying the wrong thing and putting my foot in it. I'm also socially awkward around large groups of people, which is the main reason I rarely goto events (even though I buy tickets) ::)

My first computer was the ZX81 but switched to an Acorn Electron and never looked back. I stopped collecting stuff in 1996 but started again in 2003 and I have built up a large collection of Acorn bits & bobs.

I currently work at GamesTek producing new games for PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone & Android which we hope will be out by the end of the year.  :)

My interests are: website design, games, music, building PC's and my family. ;D
I dislike: 3D modelling (bit of a downfall in my profession), people that don't tell you if you upset them (it's easier to resolve problems if people communicate) and facebook (I not want to know every time you play farmville)  :(

So that's me ;)
If I haven't already offended you please say Hi ;D

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