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Cool, hope you get that running

« on: August 06, 2008, 09:30:51 PM »
I was a big fan of pitfall on the atari 2600. was combat that plane / tank fighting game you could go off the top of the screen to appear on the bottom? I used to love that game too

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Re: modded retro computers
« on: July 29, 2008, 09:41:11 PM »
Awesome I just love seeing expose modded circuitry

Qwerty is by far the WORST keyboard layout ever devised.

It was developed back when typewriters suffered from paper jams this was such a big problem back then that it was more productive to avoid jams at all costs. So they invented the Qwerty layout which takes all the most useful keys and pushes them out of reach, Just look at the home row the only well placed keys (for the english language) are a and s all the rest are not the most common letters. The rest of the vowels are on the top row which is harder to reach. This slows down peoples typing speeds and thus decreasing the probability of paper jams.

Originally the Mac came with a Dvorak keyboard and you had to order your own Qwerty layout. Dvorak was a doctor and he designed a layout that has been proven to reduce repetative strain disorder (compared to Qwerty thats no surprise), whilst being easier to learn (took my 2 hours to start typing without looking) and much faster. In fact its so efficient that all of the worlds fastest typists use Dvorak keyboards. It didnt do too well when it was released cos it improved typing speeds which caused even more jams.

« on: July 29, 2008, 09:18:01 PM »
Definately the Atari 2600 I remember it was my older brothers birthday I didnt know what to make of it at first. Pacman was alot harder back then I could never get past the first level cos the joystick was hard to switch directions with. I still remember the ads on TV

"Its the 26 hundred from A-Tar-I ... Under 50 bucks, 50 Bucks? Now isnt that right"

cost US$49.99 quite alot back then

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Re: New post for luck!
« on: July 20, 2008, 01:07:38 PM »
Good luck mate hope it all goes smoothly,

There'sa lesson to be learned here... Use cpannel and download the site as a tar.gz.
Good advice, I was thinking of switching from FileZilla myself, filesize aint an issue here I just dont like the interface all that much

OFF TOPIC / Re: Favourite Drink . . .
« on: July 16, 2008, 06:23:59 PM »
Soft drinks = 7up
Coffe = Nescafe
Tea = any brand
Stout = Beamish or Murphy
Lager = Stella Artois

Not too fond of wine

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Re: tiny winie wii
« on: July 16, 2008, 05:38:52 PM »
winnie wii hehe 6cm*8cm now thats tiny

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Re: New computers added . . .
« on: July 13, 2008, 07:49:48 PM »
I had Mega CD years ago but it broke I tried to fix it but it was one of the pins on the CPU that failed, over heated I guese. binned it years ago sorry. I might still have some of the games at my parents house I will have a look, if they are still there then they are all yours

OFF TOPIC / Re: Humour for Lexophiles (Lovers of Words!)
« on: July 12, 2008, 04:46:15 PM »
Hehehe very funny didnt get that paris bridge joke tho ???
resisting a rest lmao

OFF TOPIC / Re: Favourite Music Band
« on: July 11, 2008, 04:23:07 PM »
In no particular order (Some arent bands but fill out the list) -
Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Chemical Brothers, Oasis, Alabama3, Metalica, Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses, Rollin Stones, GoldFrapp, Moby, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Santana, Matchbox20, Ocean Colour Scene. Again the list goes on

Okay here are the links to the main people who have all made tools for modding /patching / game saves etc <- Hub of the FF7 mod scene <- tools for extracting + packnig game archives <- more tools <- more tools <- some more

Ive had most success with the stuff from Mirex + Alhex. BTW There is a high res mod you use battle models in the feild mode :)

Edit - All these mods only work with the PC version but dont work with the Ultimania Cracked version only the normal one there is only 2 versions that I know of

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Re: Coffee & Walnut or Lemon Cake
« on: July 11, 2008, 03:48:56 PM »
Coffee+Walnut but I like Lemon too and cheese cake

I loved modding San Andreas they had some great tools to work with. Loved building a collection of real cars porsche 911 instead of the comet / Ford GT40 instead of the bullet etc, etc. This added alot to the replayability. I even made my own proper Subaru Imprezza WRC skin for a Subaru mod (Why on earth release a Subabru Imprezza mod without WRC badges?). the guys who are modding Final Fantasy 7 have been doing so roughly 10 years and they still dont have even a fraction of the mods available for GTA. What a difference it makes when the companies make their games mod friendly just look at Doom more mods for that than most any other game

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Re: First Game that you Completed
« on: July 09, 2008, 11:20:43 PM »
definately one of these - Super Mario Bros 1 or Contra

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