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9 years later.
I used to visit a shop literally a few doors further down the same road the RetroComputerMuseum is on.
I bought my A1200 ppc accelerator there plus many more parts.
I cannot remember the owners name but i wonder if he is linked to this Museum at all.

Hello I`m Mark,

I have been interested in the Amiga since about 1988 and used to visit the shop on the industrial estate where the Museum is based.
I live in Melton Mowbray not to far away and might pay a visit next week.
I have a few Amigas such as A500,A1200s one of which is towered with a 060/ppc 233 grex voodoo and an A1xe.
I also like stripping,cleaning,upgrading pcs then running Linux on them.

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