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« on: November 16, 2010, 01:57:25 PM »
I'd like  to introduce myself, my name is Paulo and i'm from Porto, Portugal, home of the great club on earth FC Porto ;D
I've been in the retro computing for a few years now. Back in the 80´s an early 90´s i was a teenager addicted to ZX Spectrum, C64 and later on to the greatest computer of all times the Commodore Amiga and i'm still addicted to it (my wife don´t like the idea very much ;)).
About a year from now my collection started to grow and now i have a few machines from those days: 2 x C64c; 2 x Amiga 500; 2 x Amiga 1200; 1 x 48k; 1 x 48k+; 1 x 128k+; 1 x 128k +2a; 1 x Timex 2048; 1 x Timex 2068; 5 x Playstation 1; 1 x Megadrive; 2 x Megadrive 2; 3 x Saturn; 1 x Dreamcast; 3 x Master System 2; and i'm still waiting for a few more that have been promissed to me.
I'd love to contribute with something for the museum, i just don't know what.

It's great to see something like this coming to life, i hope from the bottom of my heart, that you can find a place to start the museum and show all the good stuff that you have.

Sometimes i wish to live in the UK, you guys keep this kind of things alive like no one else, in Portugal is very rare to find people who share this passion.

Keep up this great work

Best regards

P.S. I almost forgot, i found out about the museum while i was browsing through youtube and came up with the video of the , i think, Open day.

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