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I forgot about this one on Ebay too.

I don't know if someone purchased it.....

I've not heard of this one.....Fake?

It say's NTSC USA/Canada but Cart is JAP/UK shape not square USA shape. Box looks American (I have quite a few USA SNES games)

Did this rare game pass me by?
(I used to have a friend who run a game shop in the SNES/MD/early PS period and I used to get all my SNES games imported from USA/JAP from him. I'm sure i'd of heard and remembered this)

What do you think?

« on: July 29, 2008, 10:34:36 PM »
My first Console was the Atari 2600 - or VCS as someone said below.

It still works and I play Adventure and Indy Jones on it occasionally - along with the 25-30 other games including usual suspects Space Invaders, Combat, Pac-Man but i somehow missed out on ET! (thank god!)

My first computer was either a ZX80 Or ZX81 - my friend dad had both when they were released.I can remember both but the first game I remember paying a golf game which you printed out the screen/hole on the thermal printer.

Then they had a BBC Model B complete with Elite and Chuckie Egg......Ahh the memories

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Re: Other peoples collections . . .
« on: July 29, 2008, 10:28:15 PM »
I remember the Xmas when I had just turned 11 and my parents got me the Oric 1......I wanted a spectrum like all my mates!!!

Did I have the micky taken out of me or what.

I learned to program in BASIC on it which go me no-where!!

I really want to go back to my dad's now, get it out storage and see if it still works and what games still loads.....

If it still works I'm happy to bring it to the Open Day but I don't think I can part with it!!!  Sentimental value and all that!

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Most expensice SNES title on UK Ebay
« on: July 29, 2008, 08:26:39 PM »
Did anyone see this on Ebay?

Where did this surface from after all these years?

What do you think?

HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Re: Other peoples collections . . .
« on: July 29, 2008, 08:12:17 PM »
Mmmmm....My collection

Atari 2600 - Woody
Atari 2600 smaller plastic
Game & Watch - Donkey Kong (2 screen) (boxed)
Oric 1 48K + printer plotter
Spectrum 48K
Spectrum +2 128 (I think it is as I've got a few spectrum's)
Atari STFM
Atari STE
Commodore 128 (boxed)
Amiga 500
Atari Jaguar (boxed)
Atari Lynx
N64 + Memory expansion
2x Gamecube - 1x USA & 1x UK PAL inc Game Boy Player (boxed) & freeloader
Game Boy Colour (boxed)
Game Boy Advance (boxed)
Sega Genesis (boxed)
Sega Mega Drive II & Mega CD II
Sega Master System I (boxed)
Sega Game Gear & TV tuner
Sega Saturn & Memory expansion
Sega Dreamcast (boxed)
Sony Playstation 1 x2
Sony PS2 1x original JAP 1000 release machine (boxed) + 1x UK 5000 series machine with 120GB internal HDD (boxed)
Xbox - Soft Modded but standard HDD (boxed) & TFT screen
Sony PS3 60GB (boxed)
Sony PSP modded (boxed)
Nintendo DS (boxed) & R4/M3 Card

I think that's everything without going and checking.

Most of the boxed stuff has been mine from new, others brought second hand or kindly donated (I saved the boxed commodore 128 from a friend who was about to chuck it in a skip!)

Reading that list again sounds really bad.....don't know how the wife puts up with it (at least she likes playing Secret of Mana & Zelda on SNES and all Shining Force games on Mega Drive)

« on: July 29, 2008, 07:52:30 PM »
Hello  :D

I'm new to the site, thanks for the plug on Game Central today......I now know there are other like minded people in the Leicester area.

I'm interested in attending the event, and might be able to get some other retro friends to join too.

I may be able to bring my Oric-1 48k complete with printer plotter (i know the ink's have run out/dry by now) I'll just have to go back to my parents in Birmingham to check it still works though as I've never moved it to my home in Wigston.

I also have Nintendo Game & Watch - 2 screen Donkey Kong, It did fully work before the batteries ran out!

What other systems would be welcomed?  I know they are more common but I've also got a USA Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar (with Tempest 2000, Aliens vs Predator and Cybermorph) all original boxed. In fact the Game & Watch is original Boxed - like most of my collection of consoles & computers.

I'll see what else I've got that may be of help for the day.....Time for the long put off stock take in the loft & storage area's!!

Cheers   :D

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